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3 Best Performing Sizes for AdSense and Programmatic Ads

March 22, 2023 || By Editorial Staff

The size of your ad is an important factor in determining its success. Ad sizes affect the visibility of the ad on the page and also play a crucial role in conveying the message to your customers. While ad networks offer various ad sizes, these are the ones most preferred by most advertisers. Here is a list of the best-performing ad sizes for AdSense and Programmatic. These are the most popular and highest-paying ad sizes. 

Best Performing Ad Sizes for AdSense and Programmatic

One of the best ways to increase your website's overall ad CPM rates is to monitor the best-performing ad sizes. Many new publishers and bloggers are mistaken about the fact that CPM rates of ad units are independent of ad sizes. This is usually not the case because, in a real-time auction environment,  advertisers and buyers prefer specific ad sizes, which bring in higher return investment and better results. Today,  let's take a look at the factors which govern the fluctuation in CPM rates and the preferred and top-performing sizes.

1. 980x300 Ad Size 

Out of all the ad sizes, this is one of the best-performing and high-yielding ad sizes. Advertisers and buyers always tend to allocate higher CPM rates for this ad size because of the greater viewability E and conversion rate pertaining to this unit. Additionally, This ad size is exclusively for large devices, desktops, and laptops. 

2. 336x300 Ad Size 

This is one of the best-performing ad sizes in the open auction as well as a private auction. This size fills inventory for 300x250, 336x280, and 300x300 ad unit. These are some of the most popular ad sizes. Thus, the overall demand for this particular ad unit under consideration increases substantially.

3. 300x600 Ad Size 

When considering the auto-refresh of ad units, the 300x600 is one of the preferred ad sizes that have a huge inventory in the open auction. This ad size is preferred by advertisers not only for desktop/laptop but also on mobile devices,  pertaining to the higher viewability metrics when compared to all other ad unit sizes. So,  feel free to go ahead and incorporate this ad unit size on your website to see a significant increase in overall ad CPM.

Why Specific Ad Sizes Perform Better than Others?

There a quite a number of factors that govern the CPM rates,  especially in open auctions. The most significant ones include ad viewability,  conversion, and return on investment for the buyer. Apart from the above-mentioned ad sizes,  there can be site-specific sizes that are performing well on your websites, like 320x100 on mobile devices, 900x90 on desktop and laptop, 300x250  on mobile, and more. Feel free to experiment with these ad sizes as well, and know for sure that you can increase the overall CPM of your ad units if the viewability metric of your website is high. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several Google banner ad sizes that you can use for varying purposes. The best-performing size is called the leaderboard, which is 728x90 and 336x280, also called the large rectangle.

300x600 ad unit is called a mobile ad size and is generally used on mobile screens. You must remember that it covers the whole screen, and some users might find it annoying. 300 x 250 can work on mobile devices, but it is not best suited for smaller devices and is commonly used on desktop websites.