The Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers

Need help monetizing your content? Subscriptions and affiliate marketing just not cutting it? Are your display ads getting ignored by an audience that is rapidly becoming banner blind? Well, give video ads a try. Video ads are ads that use the medium of video to sell a product or a service. Depending on your contract, you are paid every time the video plays or every click you get, or every time a sale occurs. 

According to Abhishek Dey of Publisher Growth, video ads have higher revenue than display ads. Not only this, but they can also combat banner blindness due to their audio-visual nature. Yet, finding enough video ads to generate a sizeable revenue. There are also the technical aspects of video ads to look at. To solve these problems, there are video ad networks. 

Video ad networks are ad networks that connect publishers who are looking for video ads with advertisers offering them. They help automate the process of bidding for the highest video ads, saving your time and increasing your revenue.

Benefits of Video Ad Networks

Video ad networks offer several benefits to publishers, including:

  • Additional Revenue Stream: Video ad networks enable publishers to generate an additional revenue stream by monetizing their video content through pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ads. This helps publishers to diversify their revenue sources and increase their overall revenue.
  • High Engagement: Video content is highly engaging and can hold users' attention for longer periods than other forms of content. By providing high-quality video content and relevant video ads, publishers can increase user engagement and drive more traffic to their website or app.
  • Higher CPM Rates: Video ad networks connect publishers with a vast network of advertisers, allowing them to access a larger pool of potential advertising partners. This can lead to higher revenue opportunities and better-quality ads.
  • Customization: Video ad networks provide publishers with customization options, allowing them to choose the types of ads they want to display, the frequency of ad delivery, and the format of the ads. This helps publishers to provide a more personalized user experience, which can increase user engagement and loyalty.
  • Performance Metrics: Video ad networks provide publishers with detailed analytics and reporting features, providing real-time insights into ad performance, user engagement, and revenue generated. This data can help publishers optimize their video ad strategy and maximize their revenue potential.

While video ad networks offer many benefits, it is imperative that you choose the right video ad network or you.

MaxValue Media enables publishers to open up their ad inventory for bidding by multiple leading demand partners in real-time. The platform guarantees a minimum 25% revenue increase post the initial 3 weeks. Their high quality banner, in-stream and out-stream video ads are a tested way to amplify revenue streams and maximize yield.

Setupad is one of the best website monetization platforms to increase ad revenue for publishers. Enjoy superior client support and have access to top SSPs.

Contextual ad network, Adsolut Media, has agreements with some of the biggest ad exchanges in the market. The primary objective of the company is the continuous dynamic development of its programmatic solutions, to ensure that the relationships between advertisers and publishers are mutually fruitful and profitable.

The native video advertising network, Vidverto helps monetize new video content and maximize ad revenue as a publisher. Publishers can get new revenue opportunities via the video unit and using detailed analytics for optimization of ad revenue.

The video ad network, Clickadu offers 100% fill rate with detailed insights and statistics to the site. With fully managed and self-service, it helps you optimize campaigns and additionally offers fraud and hot filtering.

The video ad network, FroggyAds helps you gain complete control of your campaigns. It helps you with real-time reports and detailed statistics kn addition to device, browser, and geo-targeting for good results. They also have dedicated support.

The video ad network, TrafficStars facilitates the purchase and aale of premium traffic. They offer a variety of video ad formats including video pre-roll, video I'm slider and video x pre-roll, all of which guarantees increased user attention, higher CTR and better conversion rates.



The video ad network, TwinRed offers video pre-rolls which are instream ads that are played automatically after the user clicks on the content on the website. It comes with precise user targeting to narrow down audience according to your preferences and ad-fraud prevention tools for maximum security.

A solid video ad network, Connatix aids publisher in the growth of their business by delivering successful video experiences. It makes monetization video easy and provides detailed insights to understand your consumers and grow better.

A solid Video Ad Network, Mahimeta helps optimize your website with its dynamic ads solution and plug-and-play video solution that shows original and topic-specific video content with in-stream programmatic advertising.

How to Choose the Right Video Ad Network

Choosing the best video ad network for publishers can be a critical decision that can impact your revenue and user experience. Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating different video ad networks:

Ad Inventory: Look for an ad network that offers a large and diverse ad inventory with a wide range of video ad formats, sizes, and targeting options. This will ensure that you have a variety of ad options to choose from and can maximize your revenue potential.

Monetization Models: Different ad networks may offer different monetization models, such as CPM (Cost Per Mille), CPC (Cost Per Click), or CPA (Cost Per Action). Consider your website's traffic and audience engagement to determine which model best suits your needs and revenue goals.

Ad Quality: It's important to choose an ad network that maintains high ad quality standards to ensure that the ads displayed on your website are relevant, engaging, and safe for your audience. Poor-quality ads can negatively impact user experience and lead to lower revenue.

Payment Terms: Review the payment terms offered by the ad network, including payment thresholds, payment methods, and frequency of payments. Make sure they align with your financial requirements and expectations.

Support and Customer Service: Evaluate the level of support and customer service provided by the ad network. A responsive and helpful support team can be valuable in resolving issues, addressing concerns, and optimizing your ad performance.

Reputation and Trustworthiness: Research the reputation and trustworthiness of the ad network by reading reviews, checking references, and looking for industry certifications. Choose a reputable and trustworthy ad network that has a proven track record of working with publishers and delivering results.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best video ad network for publishers that aligns with your website's needs, audience, and revenue goals. It's important to carefully evaluate your options, compare features, and read reviews to make an informed decision.

Keeping these things in mind and looking for an ad network can also be daunting. Publisher Growth is here to make it easier for you. Once you sign up, we will analyze your content and suggest the right ad network for you to partner with. Sign up for Publisher Growth here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common video ad formats include in-stream video ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll), out-stream video ads (such as in-article or in-feed ads), and rewarded video ads (where users are rewarded for watching a video ad).