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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site.

Snigel has access to premium advertising campaigns as a Google MCM Partner and Google AdX Partner. With the help of its AdSense revenue estimator, Snigel can increase your ad earnings. This platform is regarded as one of the best available substitutes for AdSense and anti-AdBlock tools.

Snigel was founded in 2012 by two former Google executives, who, having observed the inadequate support for content creators in the increasingly opaque ad tech ecosystem, sought to make a change so publishers could in turn focus on creating content. Snigel partners with over 30 of the world’s largest SSPs and Exchanges while maintaining complete neutrality when it comes to demand. To maximize the value of your ad inventory, they ensure that the ad with the highest bid gets displayed on your website.

Snigel promotes good content, while ensuring the best user experience, offering a variety of goods and services to assist clients in achieving their financial objectives.

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Snigel Products

Snigel offers the following products to its users:

  • AdEngine: Snigel's Header Bidding Solution utilizes AdEngine AI technology to optimize your ad setup by monitoring more than 100 real-time data points, including user browsing behavior, advertiser demand levels, and pagespeed.
  • AdStream: AdStream empowers publishers to display high-quality video content on their websites. This adds value to users, by showcasing relevant content, and provides a new source of ad revenue for publishers.
  • AdVantage: Their interactive portal presents your Snigel ad performance data in a centralized dashboard, allowing you to see real-time performance updates on all of your ad networks in a single view.
  • AdConsent: Their IAB-registered Consent Management Platform (CMP) empowers users to decide on the level of ad targeting they are comfortable with so your site complies with privacy regulations.

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Snigel Features and Capabilities

  • Developed by Publishers: Snigel handles the unique aspects of ad monetization to help a diversified and hardworking group of publishers focus on content creation.
  • Tailored Services: They adapt their services to your needs, whether it is using the video content you already have or syndicating stuff that's related. 
  • Full-Service Ad Management Experts: Their team builds a unique monetization strategy based on your needs, with everything from header bidding to native video, Smart Refresh, and Adaptive Ads, to make the most of every impression you get.
  • In-Depth Analytics: They offer real-time ad performance data in a centralized dashboard to help you assess performance metrics and optimize your ad inventory.
  • GDPR & CCPA compliant: IAB-approved CMP for full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and Google user consent policy.
  • PMP Deals: The private marketplace (PMP) team is totally committed to collecting as much premium PMP ad spend as they can on your behalf, to ensure more targeted media buys and higher CPMs.
  • Interactive Ad Formats: Where appropriate, they also incorporate interactive ad formats like "Quiz Style" units to encourage participation and interaction.

Snigel Payment Info

Snigel pays all their publishers on a NET 30-day basis, that is, a completed month of activity plus 30 days. They pay all their publishers via bank wire transfer, either in EUR or USD.

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Snigel Key Facts

  • Founded in 2012 by two former Google executives who are publishers themselves.
  • Snigel’s trusted advertising technology delivers powerful revenue growth and the best user experiences so publishers can focus on creating great content.
  • Their full-service ad management experts will build a unique monetization strategy based on your needs, with everything from header bidding to native video, Smart Refresh, and Adaptive Ads.

Snigel Publisher Eligibility

To partner with Snigel, publishers must have unique, high-quality content with high-quality traffic that comes from reputable sources and from major ad markets like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Western EU. The publisher must have a minimum of 2 million page views per month. 

Snigel Pricing

They operate on a competitive revenue share model and don’t charge any consultancy fees, retainers, or ad serving fees. You can contact them for more pricing information on [email protected].

Snigel Ad Formats

Snigel offers the following ad formats:

  • Parallax Ads: These ads show a different concept or part of the ad as the user scrolls up or down.
  • Adaptive Ads: These ads optimize ad size for each device and are very responsive.
  • Native Video Ads: These are video ads that match the form and look of the content that they are displayed with.
  • Quiz Ads: These allow you to add ads to the quizzes and monetize your quizzes.

Snigel FAQ

A member of Snigel's Ad Operations team is on hand to support publishers the moment they join Snigel to monitor, guide and support you. Their development team also helps support the initial integration and assists with complex technical issues. There are account managers who constantly monitor performance, suggest new ideas and come up with creative approached to develop new revenue channels.

Publishers can fill out their contact form or directly send an email to [email protected], and a member from their publisher success team with reach out and speak about the onboarding process.

Snigel works with a number of publishers across various niches, but they extensively work with Technology, Gaming, Education, Music, and Auto content.

Snigel aims to learn as much as possible about the publisher's site, business, and audience and then ask for recent benchmarks and explore the expectations and goals of the publishers. They then work on a plan of action and decide the percentage of publisher's traffic they would optimize.

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