Beehiiv Description

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site.

Beehiiv is an all-in-one solution and a newsletter platform built for growth. It helps monetize your newsletter with premium sponsors. It is the platform to target engaged readers at scale, with more than 125 million impressions monthly. 

Beehiiv Features and Capabilities

  • Premium advertisers: Provides an opportunity to feature logos from some of the world's top companies, ranging from the Fortune 500 to the hottest new startups.
  • Seamless process: Has a simple and easy process and is run by people who have sourced millions of dollars of ads. 
  • Routine payments: Offers timely payments and helps scale your newsletter and build sustainable revenue streams.

Beehiiv Payment Info

Beehiiv pays publishers on the 30th of each month for all ads placed during the prior month. For example, if you generated $10,000 in ad revenue in June, you would receive that amount no later than July 30th.

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Beehiiv Key Facts

Beehiiv helps you turn your newsletter into a monetization machine. It offers solutions that work if you are looking for recurring subscription revenue or even ad dollars. It offers the most flexible, expansive toolkit for newsletter subscriptions, and they don't even take a cut of your revenue. It helps monetize your newsletter with premium sponsors. 

Beehiiv Publisher Eligibility

For publishers to qualify to monetize using Beehiiv, they have to have at least 1,000 active subscribers, send newsletters in some regular and predictable cadence, and be a Beehiiv user.

Beehiiv Revenue Share

Beehiiv does not keep any share of the publisher's revenue. 

Beehiiv FAQ

The exact amount varies depending on a number of factors (list size, engagement, audience, content category, ad type, ad performance, sponsor, etc.). That being said, they have built a calculator on this page to help approximate for you.

Assuming you are qualified, their goal is to be actively provide you sponsorship opportunities within 60 days. Depending on a number of newsletter-specific factors (list size, engagement, audience, content category) and external factors (market conditions, advertiser supply, seasonality, etc.), the exact timeframe can vary

You’re free to work with whatever ad partners you’d like, and can decide to no longer accept ad placements from beehiiv at any time.

Absolutely. If you are already monetizing your newsletter yourself, you can consider this offering as supplemental to your existing processes. 

In order for Beehiiv to secure sponsorship opportunities on your behalf, they will occasionally need to share some anonymized data about the performance of your newsletter. No personal information about you or your audience will ever be shared, and in most circumstances, they will anonymize and group several newsletters together as a “category” rather than disclosing any specific metrics.

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