Passendo Description

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Passendo is a flexible ad server that helps publishers populate in real-time and unlock the power of in-email advertising. It helps publishers build new business models, add new revenue streams, automate team processes and maximize existing revenue. Using Passendo, publishers can optimize existing workflows and customize the experience for users in ways that is most relevant to them.

Passendo Features and Capabilities

  • Commercialise inventory: Using Passendo exchange, publishers can tailor their demand strategy for each market, vertical, and language.
  • Integration: Helps publishers connect with over 15 native demand integration partners. 
  • Transparency: Allows publishers to maintain control and transparency.
  • Build a private marketplace: Allows publishers to create their own gated ecosystem and make direct deals with the network of advertisers.
  • Automation: Helps publishers automate the process within newsletters.
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Passendo FAQ

Impressions are calculated by the number of opened emails per month x the number of ad placements within said emails – e.g,. 500,000 opens x 3 placements = 1,500,000 impressions.

These are measured by your ESP, Passendo only measures activities that are done when an ad is called, i.e., when an email is opened.

No, all integrations are made with a CNAME setup on domains; deliverability will be in line with your historical averages.

There is branding on the served ad units only if you utilize their sourced campaigns via their Exchange. When you serve your own campaigns, there is no physical mention of or any Passendo branding; you as a publisher, own your space – control rests with you.

Yes. They can calculate a CPA within the UI based on the campaign pixel being added to the conversion point.

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