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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Paved in an all-in-one platform for publishers that helps them monetize their newsletter and site with sponsored content, native email ads, and dedicated sends. It helps publishers work with premium advertisers, fill ad space, optimize their sponsorship operations at scale, and boost their sponsorship revenue. 

Paved Products

  • Ad network: Paved delivers relevant ads to subscribers based on newsletter content and subscriber interests.
  • Marketplace: Paved helps hundreds of advertisers discover their publications and get sponsorship requests from relevant brands.

Paved Features and Capabilities

  • Keep track: Allows you to see all your requests, bookings, and ongoing sponsorships in one dashboard
  • Set price and availability: Allows you to set and change prices at any time, choose how you work with advertisers.
  • Simple creative uploads: Creatives get uploaded according to the requirements you set in advance. 
  • On-time payments: Handles all invoices, I/Os reporting, and payouts on your behalf.
  • Marketplace: Has hundreds of advertisers that can discover your publication and send sponsorship requests from relevant brands that align with your audience. 
  • Relevant ads: Delivers relevant ads to subscribers based on newsletter content and subscriber interests.

Paved Payment Info

Paved operates on a ney 30-day payment schedule, which means that publishers get paid within 30 days after showing the ads.

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Paved Key Facts

Pavel helps publishers boost their sponsorship revenue by working with premium advertisers, filling ad spaces, and optimizing sponsorship operations at scale. 

Paved Ad Formats

Paved offers flexible ad formats that publishers can mix and march to diversify their revenue streams. These include:

  • Sponsored email ads
  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Dedicated email sponsorships
  • Programmatic ads

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