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Setupad Description

Setupad is a monetization tool that allows content producers to display programmatic advertising to boost their ad revenue. More than 15 supply-side networks, including Google, are connected to the publisher's ad inventory through Setupad using header bidding technology. Clients often observe a minimum of 30% more revenue when Setupad is deployed in accordance with recommendations as opposed to their pre-existing monetization method. Some users have even experienced up to 300% increases.

Although the idea of header bidding is somewhat complex, Setupad simplifies the process stress-free and makes implementation incredibly simple—no source code change is needed.

Setupad Features and Capabilities

Setupad Payment Info

The first payment will be credited 60 days after the completion of the first month. For instance, your revenue from January will be credited at the end of March. If you cannot reach the minimum payment threshold of Euros 100, the earning will be added to that of the next month, until it exceeds Euros 100 and is then paid out. You can choose to receive payments via bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, Revolut, or Paysera.

Setupad Publisher Eligibility

Setupad requires publishers to generate a revenue of $500 weekly or have 100k monthly visitors for sign-up. Setupad promises a 30% increase over ad networks like AdSense and Google AdExchange. Most of their clients have seen a minimum of 30% increase in their ad revenue and some have even seen an increase of over 300%.

Setupad Ad Formats

Setupad offers the following ad formats:

Setupad Faq

Publishers just have to sign up and provide them with the website domain and contact details, and they will get back to you about the further steps and monetization opportunities.

Setupad has contracts to cover both the publishers and their security. The contract is sent when both parties have agreed on a test period.

Setupad pays publishers in Euros.

Setupad guarantees a 30% increase over Google AdSense and AdX if everything is implemented according to their recommendations. Most of their clients exceed a minimum of 30% increase in ad revenue, while some have witnessed increases of up to 300%.

Setupad Reviews

5.0 / 5
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Features & Capabilities

Ease of Use

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Features & Capabilities

Ease of Use

Customer Support

Likelihood to Recommend

Value For Money

Great revenue uplift on custom websites with high traffic

They use header bidding tech to increase your overall advertising revenue. If you have a good volume of traffic and your website is custom-coded, you should definitely give them a try. They will give you ad codes that you need to place on your website and wait for some time to see the lift in CPMs. As more demand partners and SSPs approve your website, you'll eventually see the header bidding technology in action, and your CPM will increase over time. You need to give them 2-4 weeks' time for the optimization to kick in.

  1. I have been using them for years and they are always consistent in theirpayments.
  2. The reporting and the dashboard is very professional and the setup is easy.
  3. There is a good increase in the overall CPMs and you can run them along with AdSense as and additional source of revenue.
  1. If you are looking for a solution where you can just add a script and you can see multiple ads showing up across your site then Setupad is not the solution. You have to manually place the ad codes.