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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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As a prominent global ad network, HilltopAds optimizes revenue for publishers across a wide range of verticals through its high-quality traffic and competitive CPM rates. With 0% transaction fees, the network is great for publishers of all scale, with a flexible CPM model to diversify revenue streams. HilltopAds' most popular pop-under ads are available across mobile and desktop, with no limitations on GEO traffic. One of the key aspects of the platform is its minimum payout threshold, which is as low as USD 20, making it a viable option for small to medium-scale publishers.

HilltopAds' comprehensive built-in analytics, advanced tracking capabilities and anti-blocking solutions make it a good bet for publishers seeking a reliable monetization partner that fosters incremental revenue while ensuring the integrity of their traffic. Offering various flexible withdrawal options for publishers like PayPal, wire transfer, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Wise, Capitalist, USDT (tether) and Paxum, the network also has one of the fastest payment durations on the market, operating on a NET-7 basis every Tuesday.

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HilltopAds Features and Capabilities

HilltopAds makes monetization easy for publishers with its suite of features:

  • Flexible Revenue Models: Offers a huge variety of CPM offers for your traffic. Publishers can request CPA/CPC offers from their Personal Manager, to leverage different pricing models and diversify income streams.
  • Accepts Different Content: Accepts websites with mainstream and non-mainstream content. Websites with varying types of high-quality traffic are accepted.
  • High Fill Rates: HilltopAds' offers reach all users, with a 100% fill rate to optimize revenue.
  • No Transaction Fees: They have 0% transaction fees
  • Flexible Weekly Payouts: Payment are made on a NET-7 basis via popular payment systems that include PayPal, wire transfer, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Capitalist, USDT (tether), Wise and Paxum

HilltopAds Payment Info

HilltopAds pays publishers on a NET-7 basis, after reaching the minimum payout threshold of $20, via PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Capitalist, Tether (USDT), Paxum, Wise.

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HilltopAds Key Facts

  • HilltopAds empowers publishers to monetize their web and mobile traffic more effectively, boosting revenue by up to 30%. With a focus on clean ads, it caters to all niches and verticals.
  • They deliver more than 73 billion ad impressions per month, the majority of which come from Europe, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, South Eastern Asia, and North America

HilltopAds Site Type Monetized

HilltopAds accepts websites with both mainstream and non-mainstream content, across a number of verticals including downloads, entertainment, eCommerce, dating, finance,  movies, social, file hosting, mp3, and streaming or sports. 

HilltopAds Geos Served

Serves globally.

HilltopAds Publisher Eligibility

HilltopAds does not have any specific traffic requirement with respect to the quantity of traffic that publishers need to have to join the platform. The more traffic you have, the more earnings you get. They pay for each 1,000 impression. However, they do need to have high-quality traffic as a qualifying prerequisite.

HilltopAds Ad Formats

HilltopAds constantly updates its ad formats inventory, while following the latest trends in digital advertising. These include:

  • Pop Ads: Pop ads, short for "pop-up or pop-under ads," are a form of online advertising that appears in a new browser window or tab that opens above or behind the current webpage being viewed by a user.
  • In-Page: This format has the highest CTR, because push notification ads are displayed instantly when users visit your website page.
  • Video VAST Ads: These high-engagement ads are designed to automatically play when users browse, or click on a website's video content.
  • Video Slider Ads: A Video format that allows publishers to monetize their website content with the highest converting format even if they don't have a video player on their website.
  • Direct Links: In direct link ads, when a user clicks on the ad, they are immediately redirected to the advertiser's website or offer page. 
  • Banner: HilltopAds offers the most popular digital banner ad sizes on Desktop and Mobile web traffic. These include 300x250 for desktop, and 300x250 for mobile.

HilltopAds FAQ

We don't prohibit reselling traffic but you MUST resell only high-quality traffic. If traffic quality is unacceptable, the qa-department declines a Direct Link and deducts earnings.

Yes. After you have added a site in the Manage Site and Zones section, a unique verification code will become available to you there, which must be placed in the code of your site.

Publishers simply have to sign up and add their site in the Manager SItes and Zones tab to get started.

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