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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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HilltopAds is an advertising network that helps publishers improve their revenue with various monetization opportunities. They match your sites with the top-converting offers and provide you with the top CPM rates. It is free and easy to get started with HilltopAds. All you need to do is add your site, choose the ad format, and add the code. 

HilltopAds provides the highest and top CPMs to you and accepts websites from all geos and will different kinds of high-quality traffic. It is a pop advertising network and offer various CPM offers for your traffic and you can request CPA/CPC offers from the Personal Manager. 

HilltopAds Features and Capabilities

HilltopAds makes monetization easy for publishers with its suite of features:

  • Different revenue models: Offers a huge variety of CPM offers for your traffic. Publishers can request CPA / CPC offers from their Personal Manager.
  • Accepts different content: Accepts websites with mainstream and non-mainstream content. Websites with different types of high-quality traffic are accepted.
  • High fill rate: Their offers reach all users as they maintain up to 100% and not block the fill rate without blocked impressions, so you can get higher revenue.

HilltopAds Payment Info

HilltopAds make payments weekly after your minimum balance of $10 is reached via your preferred payment system: PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Capitalist, Tether (USDT).

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HilltopAds Key Facts

HilltopAds is an advertising platform that helps publishers monetize 30% more effectively than before and monetize web and mobile traffic and all niches with clean ads only. Their offers surely reach all users because they maintain upto 100% and not blocked fill rate without blocked impressions to help you get higher revenue. 

HilltopAds Site Type Monetized

HilltopAds accepts websites with both mainstream and non-mainstream content. HilltopAds accepts various types of sites, including downloads, entertainment, eCommerce, dating, finance,  movies, social, file hosting, mp3, and streaming or sports. 

HilltopAds Publisher Eligibility

HilltopAds does not have any traffic requirement with respect to the quantity of traffic that the publishers need to have to join. However, publishers have to have high-quality traffic to join.

HilltopAds Ad Formats

HilltopAds constantly updates its ad formats inventory while following the new trends in digital advertising. These include:

  • Push notifications
  • Video ads
  • Pop ads
  • Direct links
  • Display banner.

HilltopAds FAQ

Publishers simply have to sign up and add their site in the Manager SItes and Zones tab to get started.

Yes. After you have added a site in the Manage Site and Zones section, a unique verification code will become available to you there, which must be placed in the code of your site.

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