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Clickadu Description

Clickadu is a digital advertising network that offers the best solution for your website monetization. Their network offers 360° monetization capabilities within one place, so you can maximize your revenue no matter what GEOs or kind of traffic you have on your website. It offers seven advertising formats, a 100% fill rate, and high demand for traffic.

Clickadu Features and Capabilities

Clickadu offers the following features to publishers that make it stand out:

  • Multiple ad formats: Offers various high-performing ad formats.
  • Safe ads: Offers secure ads.
  • High eCPMs: Provides high eCPMs for the top geos.

Clickadu Payment Info

With Clickadu, publishers can get paid on a weekly basis automatically, and you can choose between various payment methods like WebMoney, Wire Transfer, PayPal and Paxum. 

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Clickadu Publisher Eligibility

Direct websites require more than 1000 traffic daily to start with Clickadu.

Clickadu Ad Formats

Clickadu offers high eCPMs for top Geos with the following ad formats:

  • Banner 
  • Popunder 
  • Push notifications
  • Inpage push
  • Instant text message
  • Video ads
  • Skim ads

Clickadu Faq

Publishers can get started with Clickadu in the following ways: 1. Sign up as a publisher 2. Add your website and get it approved 3. Install an ad code 4. Start earning!