The Best Clickadu Alternatives List for Publishers

ClickAdu provides publishers with a platform to monetize traffic through a variety of ad formats, advanced targeting options, real-time analytics, timely payments, and dedicated support. With their extensive reach and services like instant marketing, the platform offers multiple effective solutions to diversify your income streams.

The network is focussed on helping smaller publishers looking to monetize traffic, while offering scalable solutions to experienced creators. It offers various advertising formats including native banner, dialog ads, video pre-roll, push, popunders and SKIM link.

Yet, ClickAdu might not be the most suitable ad network for every publisher. After all, different content types, audience sizes, and niches need different solutions. For those that need the services ClickAdu offers but wish to review platforms that go beyond its offerings, or look at similar, yet differing solutions, here are some alternatives you might want to consider, including the reasons why you might need them:

How to Choose the Best ClickAdu Alternatives?

ClickAdu offers a lot. From different ad formats, extensive GEO coverage, to services like instant messaging and multiple payment methods for publishers. When choosing an alternative, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your Audience & Niche: Making sure ads aren't intrusive is paramount to user experience. CPM ads work by getting as many eyes as possible on an ad as opposed to clicks, but people will stop returning to your content if it feels overcrowded or filled with useless ads. Prioritize networks that work with your audience demographics, size, and can serve ads relevant to your niche. 
  • Payment Methods & Revenue Streams: Make sure that as a publisher, you choose an ad network that offers multiple ad formats and revenue streams as well as payment methods that work in your region. 
  • Minimum Payment: If you're looking for an alternative to ensure that you get paid without reaching a minimum amount, then we won't need to remind you to read the fine print to make sure you get the gold. 
  • Service Fee & Support: Ensure the ad network provides you with round the clock support, either no service fee, or a fee you can afford. 
  • User Interface: Choose a platform whose interface is easy to understand and navigate, with advanced analytics, payments and key metrics at your fingertips.
  • The Ads Themselves: Verify how much control you have over the advertisements the network will place on your content and make sure it is in sync with your brand.

At the end of the day, it's essential that your monetization partner serves your needs and those of your audience at the same time, instead of pitting you against them. Whether it's a ClickAdu alternative offering CPA ads or ClickAdu itself, a good ad network will ensure you and your audience are left satisfied with their services. 

No matter what audience and web or mobile traffic you want to monetize, Monetag is ready to meet your expectations for an outstanding balance between revenue and experience for your users.

ClickAdilla is the next-generation self-serve ad network platform with premium traffic services. It offers a bespoke solution for site owners with fully customizable ad campaigns and one tag. It is a reliable ad network with a huge amount of clean and quality ads. Their traffic optimization tools are based on big data and machine learning and will definitely boost your revenue.

Noviclick is an online advertising platform with pop and push traffic. Their fraud filter and advanced targetting options help you reach specific audiences and ensure authentic traffic.

AdSupply is a patented, world-class ad technology platform to create, curate, and optimize high-performance ad inventory. AdSupply is the ad network of choice for publishers looking to better monetize their site traffic. Their innovative ad platform generates more revenue for publishers by creating additional ad inventory and increasing the value of each visitor.

By giving its clients access to the top features and services on the market, ClickDealer is committed to assisting its clients in succeeding. The group puts out a lot of effort to support you and your company as a dependable partner.

MyLead is a global affiliate network that offers numerous possibilities and is well-known for its significant role within the affiliate marketing industry. The main characteristic of MyLead is its Excellent Client Service, providing professional assistance and abundant educational resources.

Adsterra is a well-known ad network with a Partner Care philosophy that serves over 30 billion ad impressions per month globally (70% of traffic is mobile). There are around 18K direct publishers and 12K brands, media agencies, affiliates, and advertising networks working in major and non-mainstream sectors.