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Click Dealer Description

By giving its clients access to the top features and services on the market, ClickDealer is committed to assisting its clients in succeeding. The group puts out a lot of effort to support you and your company as a dependable partner. ClickDealer is the best option if you're looking for a low-cost network that gives you access to unique deals and can optimize your production while lowering your susceptibility to fraud. Use the simple publisher platform to get started earning money today.

Are you a publisher, developer, or advertiser? If so, the professionals can help you get the most out of ClickDealer! Performance marketing firm ClickDealer offers services to publishers and advertisers. It has a global reach, and cross-industry experience and gives access to premium, high-rate deals. By driving visitors to one site and tailoring their advertising for them depending on user behavior, they assist publishers in making more money.

Click Dealer Features and Capabilities

Click Dealer Payment Info

ClickDealer makes payments at a net 15-day model, which means that you will be paid 15 days after the previous month. Their minimum payout is USD 500, and they offer various payment options like Payoneer, WebMoney, ePayments, PayPal, Paxum, Capitalist, Yandex Money, QIWI, and wire transfer.

ClickDealer also offers expedited payment plans to their trusted partners, such as Weekly NET5 or even more frequent ones in specific cases.

The SmartLink payment terms are Monthly NET15, and the minimum amount that can be paid out must exceed US$100.00 in a given billing period. However, the monthly payment threshold of US$100 can be switched to a US$500+ weekly payout after traffic quality approval.


Click Dealer Publisher Eligibility

ClickDealer does not have any minimum traffic requirements. It just requires publishers to have a website, and it must not contain any false or misleading advertising.

Click Dealer Faq

ClickDealer reserves 72 working hours to review an incoming application, but their team always tries to provide feedback sooner than that. It might also help if you take the initiative and follow up on your application to expedite the approval process.

Yes, you can add custom domains to your account and use them in all tracking links of your choice. They have also linked a service that allows you to check if your domain is configured correctly easily.

Yes, you can make API calls to get their offer feed, receive your unique tracking links, set pixels/postbacks, and get various kinds of reports.