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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Making money online is not a big hassle these days; once you register your website on google Adsense. However, is it easy, you ask? NO! Google Adsense comes with a lot of restrictions, and the ad formats are not that versatile.

This is where Monetag steps in. With Monetag, web publishers and online marketers can use comprehensive ad serving and optimization technologies that provide complete, industry-leading results. With several striking features, Monetag is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. It is considered one of the best adtech services because of its features, such as instant account approval and multiple advertising solutions.

Monetag Products

Monetag offers various products like:

Multitag, which is the master key to intelligent ad inventory monetization. 

Their AI technology leverages ad formats to help monetize all aspects of your ad inventory and automated ad selection and boosts CPM rates. 

It offers reward programs for publishers that helps you unlock additional opportunities. 

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Monetag Features and Capabilities

  • AI Monetization: The AI technology leverages ad formats and helps you monetize every aspect of your ad inventory, automate ad selection, and boost CPM rates.
  • Worldwide Ad Coverage: Helps publishers monetize 100% of their traffic.
  • Clean and Safe Ads: Works with only trusted advertisers, and all ads are monitored by world-leading anti-ad fraud and malware preventive solutions.
  • Solutions for mobile web SDK and APK: Allows you to benefit from top-performing monetization formats for mobile web SDK and APK.
  • Wide range of integration: Offers various integration methods for large suppliers, agencies, ad networks, and exchanges. 

Monetag Payment Info

Monetag pays publishers revenue at the net 30-day model. The minimum withdrawal amount starts from USD 5 for Skrill, PayPal and Webmoney Z. For Payoneer, the minimum payout needed is USD 30, and for Wire, it is USD 550.

They also allow weekly payments for publishers with verified websites having 10,000+ unique users daily.

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Monetag Key Facts

Monetag is an audience monetization platform for publishers that helps you monetize every audience type, irrespective of what audience and web or mobile traffic you want to monetize. It is a platform for the monetization of desktop, mobile web, and in-app audiences, remnant ad inventory, and social traffic with access to worldwide advertisers and high revenue-oriented tools. 

  • Offers AI-based technology that leverages ad formats to help you monetize all aspects of your ad inventory, automates ad selection, and boosts CPM rates
  • Offer 100% monetization of traffic by advertisers all over the world
  • Fast weekly payouts across the globe with flexible payment methods
  • Solutions for mobile web SDK and APK
  • Wide range of integrations

Monetag Ad Formats

Monetag offers the following ad formats for publishers. You can implement more than one of the ad formats to test the best performing versions of simply use the SmartLink ads to get started. 

  • Popunder/Pop Ads: These are full-tab ads that appear in the new browser tab.
  • Push Notification Ads: These are ads in the form of browser notifications.
  • Vignette Banner Ads: These are native banner ads that include a small header and description.
  • In-Page Push Ads: These are ads that are displayed directly on your website.
  • Interstitial Ads: These are fast-loading ads that cover a part of the website content.
  • SmartLink Ads: These are ads that help you monetize any traffic type with special URLs.

Monetag FAQ

Monetag accepts publishers from all over the world except for a very limited list of countries like Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Yemen, Iraq, and such.

Monetag company works only with mainstream sites: news, entertainment, online cinemas, blogs, social, streaming sites, etc. Erotic and pornographic content, torrent sites, and free hosting sites (including,,, etc.) are strictly prohibited.

Currently, Monetag publishers may place any amount of ads on one webpage.

Publishers can run all of Monetag's formats on the same page with AdSense. Their ad scripts are fully compatible with other ad networks.

No, this feature is under development.

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