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ClickAdilla Description

ClickAdilla is the next-generation self-serve ad network platform with premium traffic services. It offers a bespoke solution for site owners with fully customizable ad campaigns and one tag. 

ClickAdilla Features and Capabilities

ClickAdilla offers various advantages to publishers like:

  • Live support: Offers a personal manager that is 100% responsible for your experience.
  • Mainstream traffic: Offers targeted advertising for the most popular mainstream verticals: dating, software, gambling and so on.
  • Adult traffic: Offers top-quality ads from premium and exclusive advertisers with a wide range of categories.
  • Detailed statistics: Provides real-time statistics with hourly updates. Integrated GA and YM for better traffic management.
  • Only one tag: Allows you to place one tag on a page once and get full management of ad formats in your panel.

ClickAdilla Payment Info

ClickAdilla follows an on-request payment policy with 3-7 days of approval time. They have a USD 50 minimum payout threshold and offer 9 payment methods. 

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ClickAdilla Site Type Monetized

ClickAdilla works with the following verticals: dating, app downloads, desktop downloads, ecommerce, and games.

ClickAdilla Ad Formats

ClickAdilla offers various ad formats like:

  • Banner 
  • On-click
  • In-page push
  • In-stream
  • Web-push
  • Native ads.