The Best Native Monetization Platforms for Publishers

According to Statista, the global market for native monetization platforms is projected to grow to $412 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.4% from 2021 to 2025. Social media accounts for more than 67% of the total native spend. As native ads continue to be a popular choice for advertisers; this gave rise to native monetization platforms- tools that help publishers make money from their online content through contextual placements. Native ads are ones that blend in with the website's content and make them less disruptive. These are ads that help engage users more because they are not disturbing them or ruining the user experience. Before we take a look at the list of best native monetization platforms to help boost your website revenue, let’s deep dive into the benefits of the same. Native ads are shown to receive 53% more views than traditional display ads, and they result in 18% higher purchase intent.

Benefits of Native Monetization Platforms

These native monetization platforms offer various benefits to publishers who are looking to monetize their website content. 

  • Better User Experience: Native ads blend in with the website's content, making it less intrusive and more engaging. This helps improve user experience and makes users spend more time on the website. 
  • Higher Engagement: Native ads are more engaging because it is designed in a way that matches the look and feel of the content. This can result in higher click-through rates and increased engagement. 
  • Increased Revenue Potential: These ads are more effective than traditional ads and can lead to increased revenue potential for publishers. These also offer higher revenue share than other platforms. Most of them offers revenue share in the range of 70% and above. 
  • Ease of Use: These platforms are easy to use and have user-friendly interfaces that allow publishers to manage and track various performance metrics. Anyone with little experience in online advertising can earn revenue from their website. 
  • Flexibility: Native monetization platforms offer various formats, including in-feed ads, recommendation widgets, and sponsored content. It provides publishers the flexibility to choose an ad format that suits their website and audience and experiment with formats to find the best option.
  • Better CTRs and CPMs: Native ads have higher CTRs and conversions compared to traditional banner ads. This results in better CPM rates and additional revenue for publishers. 
  • Increased Website Traffic: Native monetization platforms also offer publishers to promote their editorial content and thus can significantly increase the website pageviews and page RPMs. 

How to choose the best Native Monetization Platform? 

Given a large number of options available in the market, selecting the best native monetization platform for yourself can be a daunting task. Some things to consider when you are selecting the best native monetization platform are:

  • Ad Formats: You must choose a native ad platform that offers ad formats that are suited to your website's layout and audience and must consider all the formats offered. 
  • Revenue Share: You must compare the revenue share that is offered by various sites and find one that offers the highest revenue share to publishers. There are native monetization platforms that offer revenue sharing of up to 80% and above. 
  • Ad Quality: You need to make sure that your native monetization platform follows strict quality standards for the ads that are being displayed because low-quality ads can harm the user experience and damage your website's reputation.
  • Customer Support: One must always select a native monetization platform that offers good customer support because you might need assistance setting up your ads, tracking performance, or troubleshooting issues. 
  • Ease of Use: Always settle on a native monetization platform that is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface to help you save time and ensure that you can start monetizing your website quickly and efficiently.
  • Payment Terms: Choose a native monetization network that offers payments in Net 7, 15, or 30 days.
  • Non-exclusivity: Ensure the native monetization platform that you are working with in not asking for exclusivity and under any form of agreement.



Mediawrkz offers a Native Monetization Platform designed for publishers, facilitating seamless integration of native advertising solutions into content strategies. Their platform enhances user engagement by delivering relevant, non-intrusive ads that blend harmoniously with publishers' content, thereby maximizing revenue opportunities.

AdOps Latam


AdOps Latam serves as a Native Monetization Platform tailored for publishers in Latin America, facilitating efficient management and optimization of native advertising campaigns across various digital channels. It offers tools and strategies designed to maximize revenue and enhance user engagement through seamless integration of sponsored content within editorial contexts.

Setupad is one of the best website monetization platforms to increase ad revenue for publishers. Enjoy superior client support and have access to top SSPs.

The native monetization platform, Taboola helps publishers in acquisition of new audiences, increasing engagement, and driving revenue. Offering native ads, this platform personalizes user experience and helps engage users better.

Revcontent is a native monetization platform that facilitates driving of sustainable revenue for publishers via a lightweight, cookieless solution that prioritizes user experience and page speed.

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising network that helps publishers monetize their websites with global fills. It offers one of the best CPC rates for niche blogs and websites. AdSense is the go-to advertising network for all entry-level publishers. 

The native monetization platform, Outbrain connects publishers with a wide range of native ad budgets via Smartads to increase engagement and RPM. It also offers a suite of automated content filtering tools to provide the best advertising experience.

The native monetization platform, ClickAdilla offers native ads that imitated the content of the website and it not always identifiable as ads.

ShareThrough gives you access to the best DSPs on the market, ensuring optimized bids to increase liquidity and revenue for publishers. Their proprietary SmartSuite technology utilizes real-time stats to auto-enhance ad placements and boost performance.

BidVertiser is a self-serve native monetization platform and a direct advertisint network that helps you make money from your traffic via native ads that match the feel, look and content of your site.

Native Ads CPM Rates

The CPM rates of native ads are usually varying based on the geography and niche of the website. They tend to be on the higher side for traffic coming from countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and EU. The rates can further vary depending on the advertiser campaigns, demand/supply, and conversions. The CPCs are usually in the range of $0.15 to $0.30 for tier one countries, the CPM rates can be in the range of $2 to $3 and can often exceed the same. However, the CPM rates for native ads in India are usually pretty low because of the higher inventory and supply. The CPCs are usually in the range of one to two cents. 

It is most important to make sure that the native monetization platform you choose is in tandem with your business goals and needs. These are the factors you need to consider to choose the best for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Publishers can get started by simply signing up for an account, setting ad placements, and integrating the platform's ad code into their websites.

Native monetization platforms generally offer to report features that help publishers track the performance of ads and make data-driven decisions.

Some of the formats that native monetization platforms offer are sponsored content, recommendation widgets, in-feed ads, and more.