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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site.

Monetizing your website has never been easier, more profitable and less annoying for your audience! All thanks to Geozo, the international ad platform for native advertising that provides solutions for both publishers and advertisers. The Geozo’s team can assist with any matter from account setup to making sure that all ads meet your website's requirements. And what is even more special – you can negotiate individual conditions!

Quick Facts
Quick Setup
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
High CPMs
Dedicated Account Manager
Global Fill Rates
~ $100 Payment Threshold
Viewability Measurement
Privacy Compliant
IAB Member
Referral Program
Excellent Client Service

Geozo Software Images

Geozo Features and Capabilities

Ad block customizer 

To make ad blocks blend in with your website's design, Geozo offers an extensive range of settings:

  • Number of ad creatives in an ad unit
  • Image size and aspect ratio
  • Size and color of text
  • Responsiveness of ad unit
  • Background color of ad creative and ad unit
  • Frames of an image, creative, or unit etc.

Demand categories

Based on ad content and therefore its potential profitability ads are divided into several categories:

  • Neutral ads with moderate content for websites with strictest requirements;
  • Standard ads that combine moderately provocative and neutral ads;
  • Provocative ads that bring the highest profitability to Geozo’s partners, advertisers set maximum bids in such auctions.

For example, you do not like an ad promoting a news with a certain politician mentioned in the ad unit. You can notify your personal manager who’ll modify the ad unit content for your particular website.

Test Page Generation

If certain policies, requirements, or restrictions are applied when working with your website, you can inform your personal manager. The Geozo’s team will create a test page where you can review all the selected campaigns to ensure they align with your request. 

Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics helps publishers track the performance of the ad units, allowing for real-time optimization to maximize profitability.

Expert Native Support

The Geozo’s support managers have an impressive expertise and can assist you with any matter or provide recommendations if needed. Geozo has managers in many countries who speak local languages. If you prefer native support, you will most likely be assigned to a manager who speaks the same language.

Geozo Payment Info

Geozo offers a wide range of available payment methods: Paxum, PayPal, USDT, Wire transfer.

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Geozo Key Facts

Why working with Geozo?

  • One of the most flexible platforms on the market
  • Native ad format that shows better effectiveness and trust
  • Only advertisers with impeccable reputation
  • Premium expert support and individual approach
  • User-friendly platform
  • Careful moderation of every ad unit
  • Perfect for long-term cooperation
  • Member of IAB Hellas and Registered Vendor of IAB Europe's TCF

Geozo Site Type Monetized

Geozo cooperates with media holdings, news and lifestyle media or any other content websites. A large share of the audience should be 35+. 

If your website doesn’t fall under the description above, you can anyway discuss the cooperation. Geozo has plenty of advertisers and more to come, so most likely there will be a demand for your traffic now or in the near future.

Geozo Geos Served

Geozo accepts traffic worldwide and operates globally. The strongest presence is currently in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Geozo Publisher Eligibility

Geozo works with both huge media holdings and smaller websites with a minimum of 3000 unique visitors per day. A large share of the audience is 35+.

Geozo Revenue Share

You can contact your personal manager for detailed information.

Geozo Ad Formats

Native Ad Format: Native ads are organically integrated into the design and structure of your website. Geozo’s ad spots are usually located under the articles and don’t compete with banner placements, therefore making them an additional source of revenue. Native ads also demonstrate better effectiveness compared to banners, with a three times higher click-through rate (CTR). This type of ads is 31% more trusted by users and leads to 18% more purchases compared to display and social ads, according to the recent studies.

Geozo FAQ

The most popular verticals among Geozo's advertisers: Health and Beauty, Nutra, Content Arbitrage, Crypto, Finances.

The most profitable location is under the article. However, you can also place ads in the middle of the article, in the sidebar, or in any available spot on the website.

It usually takes no more than 1 hour, though in certain cases the moderation process can take up to 24 hours.

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