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Whizzco Description

Whizzco offers a solution that combines network mediation, ad serving, and AI optimization to optimize content revenue. Through a unified dashboard, the company provides an ecosystem for displaying content recommendation advertising as well as measuring and optimizing performance. Whizzco promises to optimize publishers' income by opening the content suggestion market and giving complete transparency, enabling them to choose the appropriate inventory with the right content network partner. 

Whizzco Features and Capabilities

Whizzco Payment Info

Whizzco operates on a net 30-day payment cycle, and if you have not reached the minimum payout threshold of USD 200 for the month, the earnings will be accrued to the next payment cycle. It offers payments via PayPal and Wire Transfer. 

Whizzco Key Facts

Whizzco is a native ad optimization yield platform. It is ideal for publishers who want to increase revenue from content recommendations. A vendor-neutral technology provider empowering publishers to optimize their yield, WhizzCo's services are enabled for over 40 of the world's leading content recommendation vendors. 

Whizzco Publisher Eligibility

Publishers applying to Whizzco must ensure that their website has a minimum of 10,000 page views per day or at least 100,000 US page views per month. The content needs to be of superior quality, and the site must not contain any pornographic content, content related to software privacy or host content that has copyright infringement. 

Whizzco Ad Formats

Whizzco offers the following ad formats:

Native ads: These are ads that match the look and form of the content that they appear with. 

Video ads: These are ads in the form of videos.

Whizzco Faq

WhizzCo offers support online via chat.

WhizzCo works with all kinds of organizations, irrespective of their size. They work with mid-size businesses, small businesses, enterprises, freelance, non-profit, and government.

Whizzco Products

Whizzco offers the following products:

Native ad yield platform,

Native content ads,

Native video ads,

WhizzCo 360, and

AdOps Agencies.