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Mgid Description

Mgid is a global native advertising platform that enables advertisers and publishers to effectively promote their content across multiple devices and channels. The platform offers a range of advertising solutions, including native performance advertising and programmatic advertising. 

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Mgid Features and Capabilities

  • Global Reach: MGID has a global reach of over 850 million unique visitors per month.
  • Optimization: MGID provides publishers with optimization tools and recommendations to help them improve their ad performance and revenue.

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Mgid Key Facts

  • The platform serves over 850 million unique users monthly.
  • Mgid offers a range of ad formats, including native ads, video ads, and mobile ads, that are designed to engage users and drive results.
  • It uses advanced optimization algorithms to ensure that ads are displayed to the right audience at the right time, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • The platform provides detailed analytics and reporting tools that enable advertisers and publishers to track their campaigns' performance and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Mgid Pricing

Mgid's pricing system for publishers is based on a revenue share model, where publishers earn a share of the revenue generated from their traffic. The exact revenue share percentage depends on factors such as traffic quality and volume, advertiser demand, and the type of ad format being used.

Mgid Faq

Native ads can help publishers in several ways. They are non-intrusive and lookalike part of the content, thus giving a better user experience for one. This can increase user retention.

Native ads are non-intrusive ads that look like they are part of your content. Mgid offers native advertising for publishers and gives them total control over it to help them increase audience renetion.

Mgid Products

  • Native Ads- These are ads that do not seem intrusive or out of place in a publisher's content. 
  • Programmatic Advertising- This is a type of online advertising that uses automated technology and algorithms to buy and sell ad inventory in real-time.
  • Audience growth and retention- Mgid helps publishers with audience growth and retention.