BidVertiser Description

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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BidVertiser is a direct advertising network that offers programmatic and robust ad optimization technology. BidVertiser helps publishers make money from their traffic. This supply-side platform for publishers is where optimization meets transparency, and you can find the optimal match between advertisers and publishers. Publishers can make money from their website, blog, extension, toolbar, domain app, or search engine.

It offers 100% coverage and revenue optimization with the ability to monetize everything with save ads and faster pays.

Quick Facts
Quick Setup
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
Multiple Formats
~ $100 Payment Threshold
Brand Safe

BidVertiser Products

BidVertiser has been designed to deliver and has several products and solutions like:

  • Revenue optimization 
  • JS Tags or XML
  • Smartlink

BidVertiser Features and Capabilities

BidVertiser has been designed to deliver its various features:

  • 100% coverage: Guarantees full coverage for desktop and mobile worldwide with real-time optimization models that deliver long-term and constant revenues.
  • Revenue optimization: Offers programmatic and robust ad optimization technology powered by AI and designed to maximize your revenues for both mobile and desktop.
  • JS Tags or XML: Helps tens of thousands of publishers to optimize their traffic via various implementation models, all available via their self-serve publisher control panel.
  • Smartlink: Helps easily monetize your traffic by sending it to their direct link with no hassle. Their smart links are CPC-based and support all geos and all devices.
  • Monetize everything: Websites, toolbars, extensions, mobile apps, search and domains - it helps to monetize everything with safe ads and high eCPMs.
  • Ad formats: Display banners, pop-unders, sliders, smart links, XML and programmatic - their ad formats are designed to fit any kind of traffic.

BidVertiser Payment Info

BidVertiser automat issues payments of a net 30 basis from the date the balance reaches the minimum threshold for your payment type. It has a low withdrawal threshold of just USD 10 for PayPal or Payza. For Check, the minimum payout is USD 100 and USD 500 for Bank Wire. You can choose any of the following payment options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer or check. 

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BidVertiser Key Facts

In 2003, Bpatha noticed the need for website owners to sell their ad spaces directly to advertisers and a way to overcome the disadvantages of automated systems. That caused the inception of BidVertiser and since, they have been serving thousands of advertisers and website owners and expanding their services to mobile, programmatic buying and selling. 

BidVertiser Site Type Monetized

BidVertiser helps you monetize everything from websites to toolsbars to extensions, mobile apps, search and domains. They help monetize everything with safe ads and high eCPMs.

BidVertiser Publisher Eligibility

Publishers who want to join BidVertsier must update their site with high quality content and the site must at least be 3 months old. The traffic levels must be good and of good quality.

BidVertiser Ad Formats

BidVertiser offers various ad formats for desktop and mobile for both mainstream and adult traffic. These are:

  • Display banner
  • Pop-under
  • Sliders
  • Smartlinks
  • XML
  • Programmatic

BidVertiser FAQ

Publishers need to click on the monetize your traffic button> fill their basic information and finish sign up> provide the website details> verify the phone number.

You can add multiple templates to your website by adding more BidVertiser spots to your account.

Yes, you can add all your sites to your BidVertiser account. To add new domain, just go on add new BidVertiser.

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