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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Valueimpression is a high-converting ad network, with marked CPC, RPM, and eCPM rates. They are a great option to consider for those experiencing low CPM with their current ad network.

With more than 8 years of experience in the advertising industry, Valueimpression helps publishers optimize their ads and simplify ad operations on a single platform. Their technology is a combination of both Header Bidding, Private Marketplace (PMPs) and Programmatic Direct, to help bring real value for publishers, with solutions that guarantee total transparency and brand integrity across all screens.

Your blog or website must receive at least 100k monthly visitors or 750,000 monthly impressions to qualify for Valueimpression. The platform might still consider your blog/website if it has high-quality information.

Quick Facts
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
High CPMs
Multiple Formats
Global Fill Rates
~ $100 Payment Threshold
Privacy Compliant

Valueimpression Products

  • Outstream Video Player: The Outstream Video Player by ValueImpression is a cutting-edge advertising solution that enables publishers to monetize their content with high-quality video ads. This ad format seamlessly integrates within the content, ensuring a non-intrusive user experience without the requirement of video content.
  • Header Bidder SAS: Header Bidding SAS (Server-to-Server) by ValueImpression is a sophisticated advertising solution that optimizes programmatic ad auctions and maximizes revenue for publishers.
  • Adblock Analytics: ValueImpression's Adblock Analytics is an analytical solution designed to offer publishers insights into how ad-blocking softwares affect their websites.

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Valueimpression Features and Capabilities

  • Lazy Load Technology: Valueimpression advertisements employ lazy load technology, which lets you render your ads right at the moment your viewers are likely to actually view them, so that ads do not affect your website's ranking.
  • Minimal Impact on Site Speed: Their advertisements have minimal impact on site speed, preserving your blog/website’s performance and rankings.
  • Trusted Platform: Valueimpression is a reputable ad network, and thousands of publishers currently use it on their websites. You can also check the advertisements that are running on other websites by looking for the value impression tag on the ads.
  • Responsive Support Team: They offer excellent customer service, with  comprehensive assistance through email and Skype.

Valueimpression Payment Info

Valueimpression generally pays publishers on the third of every month. For instance, the revenue for January will be paid on the 3rd of February. The withdrawal options offered to publishers are PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and Bitcoin money. For Wire Transfers, the minimum payout threshold is 1000 USD. However, for Bitcoin, Paypal and Payoneer, the threshold is 100 USD. They offer very flexible payments to all of its publishers: net 0, net 15, net 30, weekly, daily, or even on demand.

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Valueimpression Key Facts

  • ValueImpression has more than eight years of experience in the advertising industry. They claim to understand the difficulties that publishers face, and the value they have been forfeiting.
  • They helps publishers optimize each impression, enabling them to receive the highest accurate value for each impression.
  • Their patented proprietary video advertising optimization technology has helped hundreds of publishers increase their revenue from 40 to 300%.

Valueimpression Publisher Eligibility

To be eligible for Valueimpression, the website has to have at least 100,000 monthly visitors or 750,000 monthly impressions. But, if your site has high-quality content, it might still be accepted.

Valueimpression Ad Formats

Valueimpression offers the following ad formats:

  • Banner Ads: These are creative, rich media ads that show up on websites and editorial content.
  • Instream Ads: These are engaging and visually appealing video ads that capture the audience's attention and are served in a video player along with video content
  • OutStream Ads: These are engaging and visually appealing video ads that capture the audience's attention and are autonomously played. 

Valueimpression FAQ

They help you create the most powerful ad stack using header bidding technology to maximise your profits and manage all your advertising activities end to end.

Yes. There are no lagging performance reports. All the numbers in ValueImpression are updated in real-time.

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Valueimpression Reviews

5.0 / 5
Overall Rating

Features & Capabilities

Ease of Use

Customer Support

Likelihood to Recommend

Value for Money

Good CPM Network for Small to Medium Sites Publishers

Many ad networks don’t work with websites having less than 300k monthly traffic or less than 100K US visits. However, Valueimpression seems to accept sites with 5-10k page views, and they offer a variety of ad formats that include display, instream, and outstream. Overall, a pretty decent ad network with a number of SSPs.

  1. On-time payments and decent quality ads sourced through ad exchange and other SSPs.
  2. They provide both display and video ads. So, you can see a good revenue lift.
  3. Customer support is great, and they always reply on time!
  1. I hope they focus on their technology to increase their ad loading speed. Other than that, no cons!

Features & Capabilities

Ease of Use

Customer Support

Likelihood to Recommend

Value For Money