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Underdog Media Description

Underdog Media is a dynamic ad monetization network that prioritizes offering its publisher partners highly visible ad units. The EDGE unit, a hybrid slider that can offer both video and conventional display ads, is the flagship item for UDM.

According to Underdog Media, their units are 100% visible, which appeals greatly to their programmatic advertising clients. This results in higher CPMs and fills rates when employing a media unit that isn't as popular. They have special technology that allows them to prevent their ads from running if they are blocking out another ad, so they respect all of your available advertising space.

Only one EDGE ad block will populate at a time to ensure the best user experience.  UDM will conduct an internal auction to identify the highest CPM offer among all direct advertiser relationships, demand partners, and IAB ad sizes using programmatic methods.

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Underdog Media Features and Capabilities

Underdog Media Payment Info

Underdog Media operates on a net 30-day payment cycle; that is, the publishers get paid 30 days after the end of the that month, provided that the publisher exceeds the minimum payout threshold of USD 50.

Underdog Media Key Facts

Underdog Media is an innovative ad monetization company serving 100% viewable ad units and solutions. Their owned and operated unique ad units run across desktop and mobile driving high-impact viewability, engagement and revenue for publishers and advertisers. It complements your current monetization strategy, does not interfere with your existing solutions and is engineered to drive results.


Underdog Media Publisher Eligibility

Underdog media has some requirements that publishers have to meet to join. The site must be owned and operated or managed directly by the publisher. The publisher site must have at least 150k monthly unique for the last 90 days. The site must have a 100k or less rank with third-party traffic services like Quantcast, Alexa, or similar web, and the bounce rate must be under 50%.

Underdog Media Ad Formats

Underdog Media offers the following ad formats:
Outstream Video: These are ads that autoplay in a large format player when the user navigates to it within the content.
Slider/ Adhesion Ads: These are banner ads that appear at the bottom of the page.
Sticky Ads: These are ads that stay afloat when the user is viewing the content on a webpage.

Underdog Media Faq

Underdog Media offers brand-specific audience segments, sales collateral, and infographics driven by Comscore and Quantcast audience data,

Underdog Media is committed to all digital privacy compliance standards and works with its partners to safeguard the protection and control of users' data preferences.