The Best Display Monetization Platforms for Publishers

Content has now become one of the most valuable sources of revenue for any publisher. If any publisher is looking to monetize via ads, they can look into ad monetization platforms, which facilitates a channel that helps publishers access ad demand and sell their inventory easily. Display monetization platforms facilitate this channel by enabling publishers to sell their spaces towards display ads. These are ads that put together texts, images, URLs and attract the users to take specified action. Display campaigns come in different shapes and forms and can be shown as banner ads, interstitial ads, video ads, and rich media ads. Take a look at some of the best display monetization platforms listed below:

Benefits of Display Monetization Platforms:

As website publishers, you can find several benefits of using a display monetization platform:

  • Revenue generation: Display monetization platforms help publishers in the generation of revenue from online content. By displaying ads, publishers earn a share of the revenue that is generated by these ads. Usually, they take a revenue cut of 20-30%. 
  • Targeted advertising: They use sophisticated algorithms to serve targeted ads to the publisher's audience. It means that they are generally relevant to the visitors and can lead to higher engagement and click-through rates. 
  • Ease of use: These platforms are easy to use and have user-friendly interfaces that help publishers in the management of their ads and track performance metrics. This means that even with little experience, one can start earning revenue from their websites. 
  • Flexibility: These platforms offer various ad formats, and publishers can choose which ad format would suit their website and audience and experiment to find the best option. 

These are some benefits that good display monetization platforms will provide you with. Display monetization platforms can run on CPM models or CPC models.

Setupad is one of the best website monetization platforms to increase ad revenue for publishers. Enjoy superior client support and have access to top SSPs.

Ezoic makes sure that websites utilizing their technologies comply with the AdSense guidelines because they are Google Certified Publishing Partners. Ezoic does not require you to have an AdSense account, but if you do, it must be in great condition, as Ezoic cannot approve sites that AdSense has banned due to policy breaches.

Underdog Media is a dynamic ad monetization network that prioritizes offering its publisher partners highly visible ad units. The EDGE unit, a hybrid slider that can offer both video and conventional display ads, is the flagship item for UDM.

MonetizeMore is a rapidly expanding ad tech company that has established itself as one of the industry leaders in ad revenue optimization. The platform offers a range of tools and solutions to publishers to maximize revenue from digital advertising.



AdsVictory helps publishers skyrocket their ad revenue with premium ads. With years of experience, their expert team knows how to customize ad formats, implementing various strategies to boost your revenue. Publishers will have more than 30 SSP partners bidding on your site. 

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising network that helps publishers monetize their websites with global fills. It offers one of the best CPC rates for niche blogs and websites. AdSense is the go-to advertising network for all entry-level publishers. 

Valueimpression is a high-converting ad network. Trusted by premium publishers, they assert that earnings might range from 40 to 300 percent higher than those on other networks. Their patented proprietary video advertising optimization technology has helped hundreds of publishers increase their revenue, by bringing real value for each impression.

With a variety of different ad units, Monumetric is a one-stop display advertising partner that can help you monetize the visitors to your blogs. Monumetric automatically creates dynamic display advertisements based on your blog's content and the interests of your visitors whenever somebody visits.


One of the largest contextual advertising platforms, offers cutting-edge ad tech with server-to-server technology to publishers. It has one of the largest pools of advertisers in the world and its ads can help you maximize your monetization.

Traffic Force provides an effective and easy solution for publishers, advertisers, developers and marketers so that everyone can buy and sell premiums worldwide. TrafficForce is the best supply side platform that assures that your advertising campaigns are not ignored by users. TrafficForce works with special ad tools to ensure that the ads are user-friendly, high-quality and seen by real people.

How to choose the best display monetization platform? 

There are several options available in the market, which makes the selection of display monetization platforms a task. Here are some things one should consider when selecting a display monetization platform:

  • Ad formats: You should see the different formats that are being offered, like banner ads, video ads, native ads, pop-up ads, and such, and select the platform that offers formats that work best for your website and audience. 
  • Revenue share: It is important to consider what is the revenue share offered by the platform because it determines the profit that you will make. 
  • Ad quality: It is important to choose a platform that offers high-quality ads that do not negatively impact user experience on website performance. 
  • Reporting and analytics: It is important to track performance and optimize revenue and choose a platform that provides comprehensive reporting and analytics to help make data-driven decisions. 
  • Ease of use: It is important to choose a platform that is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It helps in the management of ads in an efficient and time-bound manner. 
  • Customer support: Select a platform that provides excellent customer support, including responsive support and detailed documentation to get started. 

All in all, you should find a platform that is in tandem with your business goals and needs and helps you grow your revenue and drive business.

Frequently Asked Questions

These platforms serve ads on a publisher's website. These are targeted to the website's audience and can be in the form of banner ads, video ads, or native ads. Publishers would earn a share of revenue that is generated by the ads on the basis of factors like clicks or impressions.

The revenue generated can vary widely according to the website's traffic, audience demographics, ad placement, and revenue share. One must set realistic expectations and constantly optimize their ad strategy to maximize revenue potential.