9+ Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers

Last Updated: July 24, 2023
Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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In this modern programmatic environment, CPM ad network systems have seen major growth. Earlier, Google AdSense had a monopoly, but now, industry leaders are seeing major competition from networks via innovation.

The CPM revenue model means the cost per thousand impressions and allows publishers to make some amount every thousand times the ad is shown. Advertisers give a fixed amount to publishers for every thousand views. These are very beneficial for publishers as visitors do not have to interact with the ads and they can get paid for just placing ads. Here, we will discuss the best CPM Ad Networks for publishers and bloggers. 

  • The 8+ Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers and Bloggers
    • 1. Partners.House
    • 2. Setupad
    • 3. MonetizeMore
    • 4. iZooto
    • 5. AdPushup
    • 6. Sulvo
    • 7. Infolinks
    • 8. Adsterra
    • 9. UnderDog Media

Why Do You Need the Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers?

Well, you don’t need it if you are running a niche website with short-form content. AdSense will outperform all other ad networks regarding niche websites because the CPCs are usually higher. However, for all other websites, it is good to run a mix of CPC and CPM ads since you are paid based on impressions for CPM ads. It will likely perform better when the viewability metrics are robust, and the site attracts high-intent users. 

  • Incremental Revenue: Create an additional revenue stream with CPM ads. You can partner with multiple CPM advertising networks to ensure optimal performance and additional revenue. 
  • Greater Advertiser Reach: CPM ads reach a wider advertiser audience and thus increase the overall competition. This often leads to high revenue for publishers. Additionally, advertisers sometimes reach out to publishers for direct deals. 
  • Diversified Income Source: AdSense bans can be annoying and threaten your publishing career. Thus, it is better to have multiple sources of income to ensure your business runs smoothly. 

The 8+ Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers and Bloggers

CPM is perfect for camapigns that aim to grow brand recogniton. In such situtations, CTR is not important as the aim is to grow brand identity and show the ad on high-traffic webistes. CPM is beneficial for publishers as they get paid for plain hosting of ads. But, CPMs are generally low and to make significant revenue, you have to have high volume of traffic. Here is out list of the best CPM ad networks for publishers and bloggers. 

1. Partners.House

Partners.House is a reliable CPM ad network with 4 popular ad formats to effectively monetize your online inventory. The platform enables publishers to take charge of their audience and grow pageviews and revenue through personalized push ad notifications to engage users in real-time. Partners.House promises a 99.9% ad reach to 185+ locations worldwide, with a detailed analytics tab to filter performance across a variety of parameters such as by days, hours, formats, GEO, platforms, OS, browsers, sites, landing pages, etc. The network operates on a Revenue Sharing (RevShare) model, ensuring ongoing profits for publishers from the initiation to the duration of their subscription.

Ideal for social, viral, and lifestyle websites, national and international news websites. It can also work well on user-generated content sites and communities. 

Key Information:

  • Partners.House’s push notification solutions can not be blocked by ad blockers. This can help you recover revenue lost to users who use ad-blocking softwares.
  • Their 4 popular ad formats include push, in-page push, on-click and native ads.
  • They promise a 99.9% ad reach to 185+ locations worldwide.
  • The platform has 4 payment models, including CPL, CPC, CPM and RevShare, offering a 3% referral commission to publishers throughout the duration of their subscription.
  • They offer on time payments on a weekly basis. The minimum payout threshold is $50.
  • Partners.House has a variety of payment methods, including Web Money, Yandex Money, QIWI, Epayments, Visa and Mastercard.

2. Setupad

Setupad uses header bidding technology to help publishers increase their ad revenue. They offer a user-friendly platform and a range of services to optimize ad placements, manage demand sources, and maximize CPMs. Setupad aims to simplify the complex process of ad monetization and provide publishers with efficient header bidding solutions that can see a significant lift in RPMs. They offer intuitive revenue analytics, guaranteed CPM uplifts, on-time payments, and a variety of ad formats. They usually charge a revenue share of ~20%. 

Ideal for calculator websites, sites with static layouts, blogs, video and image hosting sites, and application websites. 

Key Features:

  • Setupad Prebid AdSense: Offers a full-service solution and allows you to combine your AdSense demand from more than 30 premium SSPs to drive revenue.
  • Setupad Headerbidding Wrapper: Offers a full-service solution that connects your ad space with tip demand partners, offers access to extra demand, and can help optimise Google earnings.
  • Setupad CMP: Offers a tool that effortlessly captures user’s consent by collecting and storing visitors' privacy preferences.
  • Setupad Prebid Selfserve: Offers a self-serve platform that offers implementation, maintenance and optimization of header bidding technology and does not require much effort from the IT team.
  • Dedicated Support and On-Time Payments: Offers expert support with a Dedicated Account Executive to guide you.

Publisher Eligibility: Publishers should have a minimum of 100k visitors per month, with most coming from tier-one countries like US, UK, AU etc.

3. MonetizeMore


MonetizeMore offers various services and technologies to help publishers maximize their ad revenue. With a focus on optimization and monetization strategies, they aim to deliver higher CPMs and overall revenue for their clients. They work with a diverse set of publishers, from small website owners to large media companies, providing tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. They offer quick integration, a clean analytics dashboard, and amazing support over email. Monetizemore has tiered their adops solutions based on the monthly ad revenue of the publishers. They usually charge a revenue share of ~15%. 

Ideal for niche bloggers, news publishers, high-volume websites and media houses looking for custom adops solutions. 

Key Features:

  • AI-powered Header Bidding Wrapper:  MonetizeMore offers PubGuru, which helps you win the highest bid while assuring good user experience.
  • Access to Premium Ad Networks: MonetizeMore offers the best revenue shares and payment terms, saves you time and gives you access to exclusive ad networks.
  • Invalid Traffic Protection: MonetizeMore offers Traffic Cop that suppresses all kinds of invalid traffic that can cause revenue clawbacks and Google account bans.
  • Dedicated Ad Ops Experts: MonetizeMore offers 24/7 support via email regarding technical, ad optimization and business concerns.
  • On Time NET 30 days Payments: MonetizeMore offers on-time payments on a net-39-day basis.

Publisher Eligibility: Publishers should be able to show they are earning a minimum of $1000 per month consecutively for the last 3 months from Google AdSense or through other display advertising partners.

4. iZooto


iZooto provides publishers with a push notification advertising solution to reach their website visitors even when they are not actively browsing the site. With personalized push notifications, publishers can deliver targeted messages and monetize their traffic through relevant ads, enhancing user engagement and revenue potential. They offer web, messenger, and app push notifications that can significantly source recurring traffic for your sites. They usually charge a tiered revenue share based on the geography of the subscribers. 

Ideal for national and international news websites, social, viral, and lifestyle websites. It can also work well on user-generated content sites and communities. 

Key Features:

  • Monetizemore from Push Notification Ads: Helps you monetize using various push notification ads and helps you grow pageviews and revenue.
  • Increase your Website Traffic: It helps increase your website traffic using various push notification campaigns you can create from their dashboard.
  • Increase Revenue with Onsite Interaction: Helps hold back the flybys with the exit intent recommendations and showing them interesting articles to increase views and keep them coming.
  • Automated Notifications and Segmentation: Helps send the right message to the right audience by segmenting the audience to send contextual push notifications.
  • Engage through Messenger and App Push Notifications: Helps boost retention and loyalty by drawing attention and triggering action in real-time with push notifications on Facebook Messenger.

Publisher Eligibility: You need a decent volume of traffic from tier-one countries. The monetization is activated once you have a minimum number of 5000 subscribers.

5. AdPushup


AdPushup provides publishers with tools and technologies to optimize ad layouts and maximize revenue. Their platform uses automated A/B testing and optimization techniques to improve ad performance and user experience, ultimately driving higher CPMs and revenue for publishers. Their technology is adept at increasing CPM bids and the overall CTR of AdSense ads. AdPushup also lets you run A/B testing to choose the best-performing versions of your site. They usually charge a revenue share of around ~15%.

Ideal for blogs, news and media websites, marketplaces, classifieds, calculator sites and more.  

Key Features:

  • A/B Testing for Ad Layouts: AdPushup offers A/B testing functionality, allowing publishers to experiment with different ad layouts, sizes, and formats. This feature enables publishers to find the optimal ad configuration that delivers the best user engagement and revenue generation results.
  • Ad Mediation: AdPushup helps you get multiple ad networks to compete for your slot, manages everything from one place, and dynamically rearranges your waterfall to optimise CPMs.
  • Header Bidding Technology: AdPushup offers a fully-managed header bidding solution that helps implement client-side, server-side or hybrid header bidding and helps maximise the yield from each impression.
  • Innovative Ad Formats: AdPushup offers new generation ad formats like contend ads, docked ads, sticky ads and native ads to reduce banner blindness and improve viewability to grow the revenue eventually.
  • First Audience: AdPushup offers an automated AI-based first-party audience management solution that carries out contextual and interest-based audience segmentation and reporting for Google Ad Manager.

Publisher Eligibility: AdPushup approves publishers on a case-by-case basis. However, you should at least generate $3000 per month from advertising revenue to be eligible to use their ad optimization services.

6. Sulvo


Sulvo focuses on helping publishers optimize their ad layouts and maximize revenue by offering a range of tools and solutions. Their platform aims to enhance the user experience while delivering effective monetization strategies through ad layout optimization and integration with multiple demand sources. They offer an easy and swift setup with auto-refreshing ads, fluid banners, and sticky ad formats. Additionally, they offer granular control to optimise the user experience and ad-loading behaviour.  They usually charge a revenue share of ~30% on their demand. However, you can use connectors and bot filtering features for free. 

Ideal for websites that want to balance user experience along with ad revenue. Sulvo performs best on tech, news, entertainment, lifestyle, health, and finance verticals. 

Key Features:

  • Monetize Adblock Impressions: Offers an Unblocker that increases your ad revenue by detecting if visitors are using an ad blocker and, if so, showing various options to contribute.
  • Custom Ad Formats: Offers custom formats that optimise your stickies, interstitials, and auto-responsive units
  • Combine Your Ad Demand: Offers specially built connectors that can connect demand from all over the world and allows you to add your own campaigns, and combine them with hosted Prebid connectors.
  • Custom Ad Controls: Offers advanced, format-aware ad controls like ad refresh, lazy loading, frequency capping, geo controls and more.
  • Bot Filtering: Offers bot scoring and filtering tools that help you assess the quality of impressions before sending it to the buyers, improve site reputation score and increase revenue.

Publisher Eligibility: Sulvo hasn’t specified any specific eligibility criteria for publishers. However, we believe they approve sites generating at least $1000 in advertising revenue.

7. Infolinks


Infolinks provides a unique approach to ad monetization by offering in-text advertising solutions. Their platform analyzes website content and displays ads within relevant keywords or phrases, ensuring seamless integration with the website's content while providing monetization opportunities for publishers. Infolinks offers a number of ad formats that can increase your overall revenue. You can customize each of the formats as per your choice. They usually charge a revenue share of ~30%.

Ideal for entry-level sites looking for an additional revenue stream along with AdSense. 

Key Features:

  • In-Text Advertising Format: Infolinks' primary feature is the in-text advertising format. Their platform scans the website's content and identifies keywords or phrases that are relevant to advertisers. Ads are displayed when users hover over these keywords, allowing publishers to monetize their content without disrupting the user experience.
  • Easy Integration: Infolinks offers a simple code implementation that lets publishers quickly integrate in-text ads into their websites. The integration process is user-friendly and requires minimal technical expertise.
  • Non-Intrusive Ad Format: Infolinks' in-text ads are designed to be non-intrusive, appearing when users hover over the relevant keywords or phrases. This approach helps maintain a positive user experience by minimizing disruptions while providing publishers monetisation opportunities.
  • Easy Payment Process: Infolinks offers a straightforward payment process, providing timely and reliable payments to publishers. They offer various payout options to accommodate different preferences.

Publisher Eligibility: Infolinks is an entry-level ad network for publishers. This means you are likely to get approved even if you make around $100 monthly from display advertising.

8. Adsterra


Adsterra is a well-established ad network that provides publishers with comprehensive ad formats and targeting capabilities. With a focus on diverse ad offerings and advanced optimization features, Adsterra aims to help publishers monetize their traffic effectively and increase their ad revenue. Since they are a CPA ad network, they usually charge a variable revenue share.

Ideal for gaming, software, image, and downloadable content sites. It also works well on software and PC review websites. 

Key Features:

  • Diverse Ad Formats: Adsterra offers various ad formats, including banners, popunders, interstitials, push notifications, and native ads. This variety allows publishers to choose the formats that best suit their website layout and user experience requirements.
  • Timely Payments and Flexible Payout Options: Adsterra ensures timely payments to publishers, offering various payout options such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and wire transfers. Reliable and flexible payment options contribute to a positive partnership experience.
  • Dedicated Support: Adsterra provides dedicated support to publishers, offering assistance with setup, optimization, and addressing any concerns or queries. Their support team aims to provide timely responses and guidance to help publishers make the most of the platform.
  • Advanced Anti-Fraud System: Adsterra employs an advanced anti-fraud system to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. This helps maintain the integrity of the ad inventory and ensures a safe and reliable advertising environment for both publishers and advertisers.
  • Adblock Monetization: Adsterra offers an anti-adblock solution that you can avail of and increase your revenue with.

Publisher Eligibility: Adsterra has no fixed eligibility criteria for publishers since it runs on a hybrid model based on CPA and conversions. You need to have an operational site with a decent volume of traffic.

9. UnderDog Media


Underdog Media is an advertising technology company that offers various features and services to help publishers optimize their digital advertising revenue. They connect with several SSPs and demand partners to maximize the overall yield for publishers. Their award-winning edge ad formats bring high CPMs because of robust viewability.  While the specific features may evolve, here are some of the key features typically associated with Underdog Media:

Ideal for news and entertainment websites, blogs, classifieds, websites with high time on site and communities.  

Key Features:

  • Header Bidding Technology: Offers prebid.js to build custom header bidding solutions that result in faster and higher yields.
  • High Viewability Ads: Offers various high viewability ads like video ads, sticky ads and slider ads that will increase engagement and conversions.
  • On-time Payments: Offers a 30-day payment cycle that they always stick to and do not delay payments.
  • Multiple Ad Formats: Offers a variety of Edge ad formats that are 100% viewable and engaging.

Publisher Eligibility: This is another entry-level ad network that you can use along with Google AdSense to generate additional revenue. You should be doing at least $300 monthly in ad revenue to be accepted by Underdog Media. 

There are quite a few other ad networks like Ezoic, Raptive, Taboola, The Moneytizer, PubGalaxy, OptAd360, Vdo.ai, Primis.tech. Each network has its strengths, and choosing the right solution for your website requires you to use many of these networks before you can zero down on one. Our adops consultations can be helpful if you don’t want to experiment with many different ad networks and work with the one best suited for your website or blog. If that’s the case, then do book a consultation here. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use multiple CPM ad networks on your website. In fact, many publishers adopt this approach to maximize their revenue potential. However, be cautious not to clutter your website with too many ads, as it may negatively impact user experience.

CPM rates can vary significantly among different ad networks. The rates depend on various factors, such as the ad network's demand, the quality of your website's traffic, your audience's demographics, and the industry your website operates in. Some networks may offer higher CPM rates for specific niches or geographies.

Yes, CPM ad networks work for mobile apps as well. Many ad networks offer solutions specifically tailored for mobile app developers to monetize their apps through CPM-based ads.

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