Smaato Description

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Smaato is a digital ad tech platform that provides publishers the control to create the experience. It helps publishers optimize their monetization strategy, tailor the audience's experience and increase revenue. Their ad server and monetization solution give you the tools needed to deliver quality ad content to engaged audiences around the world. Their intuitive solution puts full monetization control in the hands of publishers. They offer a truly omnichannel monetization solution.

Smaato Features and Capabilities

  • Tailored solution: Smaato is fully customizable and flexible to meet your needs.
  • Competitive intelligence: Provides real-time data and insights for granularity and precision.
  • Agnostic: Environment, ad format, size, channel, screen, and device agnostic.
  • Unified competition: Offers real-time pricing, higher revenue, maximized competition, and total transparency.
  • Contextual targeting: Helps improve the audience’s experience by delivering highly relevant ads.
  • NextGen SDK: Helps unlock the full earning potential by integrating with their modular, full SKAdNetwork-enabled SDK.
  • Ad format innovation: Supports cross-channel innovation.

Smaato Payment Info

Smaato offers payments via PayPal, Wire Transfer, and eCheck/Local Bank Transfer. The minimum payout threshold is USD 100. If your revenue is less than $100 per month, Smaato will roll over the amount payable to you to the subsequent payout cycle until at least $100 is reached. Smaato follows a 60-day payment schedule. Smaato will pay you your net revenue share within sixty days after the end of the calendar month in which revenue was accrued.

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Smaato Revenue Share

The net revenue share for the actual month is based on the ad impressions of the previous month. Upon joining Smaato, your net revenue share is set to the default rate of 70/30. 

Smaato Ad Formats

  • Native ads
  • OTT/CTV Ads
  • Video ads
  • Display ads

Smaato FAQ

Smaato pays you every month after the payment schedule. If your earnings are below the minimum payout, we will carry the earnings over to the following month.

If the account details are provided for your network account, Smaato collects the network’s data for the last three days and calculates the eCPM to rate your Line Items. Importing the latest numbers happens every one or two hours.

Smaato operates on a CPM model.

Some advertisers are looking for specific page positions for their ads. Providing more information about the Adspace location can impact the fill rate and eCPM for an impression in real-time bidding (RTB).

The Smaato Publisher Platform SPX is open to everyone, ranging from large publishers with multiple mobile sites or applications to small start-ups, blogs, and app developers. Smaato accepts all mobile sites and apps that do not host pornographic or illegal/pirated content.

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