Best Supply Side Platforms for Publishers

Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) are software tools that allow publishers to manage and sell their digital ad inventory in real-time to multiple demand-side platforms (DSPs) and ad networks. Using SSPs helps publishers maximize revenue from their ad inventory. SSPs do this by providing a platform for publishers to manage the ad space supply and connect with a range of potential buyers.

SSPs automate the process of selling ad inventory by providing programmatic auction capabilities. They also give publishers valuable insights into their inventory and the ad demand landscape. This allows publishers to optimize their pricing and inventory management strategies. Most website monetization tips suggest using SSPs. 

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Benefits of Supply-Side Platforms for Publishers

There are several benefits of using a Supply Side Platform (SSP) for publishers:

  • Increased revenue: SSPs enable publishers to access a large pool of demand partners. This can increase competition for their ad inventory and ultimately result in higher bids and, thus, increase ad revenue.
  • Improved efficiency: SSPs automate the process of selling ad inventory, reducing the amount of manual work required by publishers. This allows them to focus more on content creation and audience development.
  • Greater control over ad inventory: SSPs provide publishers real-time insights into their inventory and the ad demand landscape. This allows publishers to make data-driven decisions about pricing and allocating their ad inventory.
  • Better targeting capabilities: SSPs provide publishers access to advanced targeting capabilities, such as contextual and behavioral targeting. This allows publishers to deliver more relevant ads to their audience, which can result in higher engagement rates and increased revenue.
  • Enhanced user experience: SSPs help publishers manage the frequency and placement of ads on their website, thus, ensuring that users are not bombarded with irrelevant or intrusive ads. This can help improve user experience and reduce the risk of ad blocking.

SSPs provide publishers like you with a range of tools and capabilities that can help you increase revenue, improve efficiency, and better manage your ad operations. However, all this can only be achieved if you choose the right SSP platform. 

MaxValue Media enables publishers to open up their ad inventory for bidding by multiple leading demand partners in real-time. The platform guarantees a minimum 25% revenue increase post the initial 3 weeks. Their high quality banner, in-stream and out-stream video ads are a tested way to amplify revenue streams and maximize yield.

Setupad is a leading supply side platform with 16 industry-leading SSP partners to empowers web publishers and digital out-of-home media owners to effectively manage their advertising inventory. SSPs allow or reject advertisers’ bids on ad impressions and strive to sell the publisher’s ad inventory for the highest possible price, allowing publishers to access more potential buyers.

PubGalaxy acts as a platform for website publishers and owners, assisting them in monetizing their website ad space, by collaborating with top advertisers. PubGalaxy aims to help its publishers attain steady revenue growth from their display ad inventory by leveraging the full potential of the RTB (Real-Time Bidding) ecosystem.

With a variety of different ad units, Monumetric is a one-stop display advertising partner that can help you monetize the visitors to your blogs. Monumetric automatically creates dynamic display advertisements based on your blog's content and the interests of your visitors whenever somebody visits.

SmartyAds SSP offers unmatchable opportunities to publishers and developers and helps maximize ad revenue exponentially. The SSP provides required programmatic tools for inventory allocation and monetization management with full transparency and control to the publishers.

Eskimi is an ad tech platform that helps brands and agencies to conduct programmatic advertising campaigns and target unique audiences.

As an invite-only platform, Chocolate Platform serves 100% server-side auctions featuring In-Stream and Out-Stream Video Ads across mobile web, mobile app, desktop and CTV. Their engaging ad units offer easy integration for publishers using either VAST/VPAID tags, SDK or SDK lite, for optimized returns and scalability.

Adform flow is a global, independent, and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing.



DiDNA is an ad tech for publishers, SSPs, DSPs, and brands that offers leading advertising solutions for businesses operating in the publisher ecosystem.

Adtelligent is a Supply Side Platform that offers advanced ad serving for publishers in order to increase their revenue via a range of tools that allow programmatic yield optimization like their predictive algorithm that analyzes data in real-time and a white-label solution.

How to Choose the Best Supply Side Platforms for Publishers?

The market is filled with SSPs. You, as a publisher, have to choose the best ssps for your business. To select the best ssps for publishers, consider the following factors:

  • Integration with Ad Exchanges: The supply side platform should integrate with various ad exchanges to offer the best demand sources for your inventory.
  • Ad Formats Supported: Ensure the supply side platform supports the ad formats you want to offer advertisers.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: The platform should provide detailed data analytics and reporting to help you optimize your inventory.
  • Targeting Capabilities: Look for a platform that offers advanced targeting capabilities, such as geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting.
  • User Interface: The platform should have an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to manage your inventory and campaigns easily.
  • Support: Pick a SSP platform with reliable customer support to help you with any issues or questions.
  • Cost: Consider the cost of the platform and ensure that it fits within your budget.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best supply side platform for your publishing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

To choose the right SSP for your content, you can consider several factors. These include factors such as the platform's integration with ad exchanges, supported ad formats, targeting capabilities, reporting and analytics tools, user interface, customer support, and cost.

SSPs typically provide various tools and features which are meant to help ensure the quality of ads served on your website. These include ad verification, fraud detection, and brand safety measures.

Publishers can sell several types of advertising inventory through an SSP, including display, video, and mobile ad impressions.

Integrating an SSP with your website usually involves adding a few lines of code to your site's header. The SSP provider ideally provides detailed instructions and support to guide you through the integration process.