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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Adform provides an integrated advertising platform for publishers. It is a pure performance-driven technology for results-oriented publishers. It offers a solid data management platform that covers all data and inventory and has no barriers. The publisher ad server is extremely intelligent, and the supply side platform helps share your inventory with the world.

Adform Features and Capabilities

  • Management platform: Allows you to take advantage of the powerful real-time creative self-service tools to rapidly create and modify your creative assets for maximum impact and relevancy.
  • Mobile: Leverage the extensive demand for mobile inventory while enjoying fantastic format support, advanced tracking, and reporting to help you maximize the value of your inventory.
  • Private marketplace: Helps enjoy maximum inventory safety while offering premium formats, including high-value rich media.
  • Publisher trading desk: Helps extend the reach of your inventory, offer added buying options or manage in-house placements with the full power and benefits of the Adform DSP.
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Adform Ad Formats

 Adform offers the following ad formats:

  • Display ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Native ads
  • Video ads

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