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Publift Description

Header bidding, Private Marketplaces (PMPs), brand safety, automated reporting, and layout optimization for publishers are the areas of expertise of Publift, an Australian publisher monetization platform. They manage the entire ad stack for publishers and strive to maximize profits for their customers. They control more than 4.5 billion impressions each month, and they have several publisher testimonies attesting to what a terrific business PubLift is.

Numerous top-notch websites, including Envato, Ozbargain, Willyweather, Readers Digest, Weatherzone, Broadsheet, and countless others, are among those they collaborate with. You can see every publisher using the network if you check their sellers.json file. They don't operate like a chop shop and have an entire C-Level staff in addition to engineers, account managers, and sales representatives.

Former Google employees who saw that publishers in the AU/NZ regions were far behind in programmatic technology and required a partner to catch up and boost their revenue launched Publift, a Google Certified partner. Their Publisher Resources area, which contains in-depth articles about monetization subjects, is one of the best features of their site, in its opinion.

Publift Features and Capabilities

Publift Payment Info

Publift issues payments via direct bank transfer in the currency of your choice. The Google revenue is paid every 30 days, and all other revenues from other networks are paid in 3-month arrears. 

Publift Publisher Eligibility

Publishers have to meet some eligibility requirements to sign up with Publift, which includes either monthly traffic of 500,000 page views or a minimum monthly revenue of USD 2000. The traffic must be absolutely genuine. 

Publift Ad Formats

Publift offers the following ad formats:

In-Content Ads: These are ads that appear within the content of a web page.

Banner Ads: These are ads that are displayed at the top of the page and move out when the user scrolls.

Sticky Ads: These are ads that stick to their position as the user scrolls through the content of the page.

Vignette Ads: These are ads that occupy the entire screen of the website or the app.

Multiplex Ads: These are ads that feature multiple ads and offer content relevant to the users. 


Publift Faq

Publishers will have complete control over their website and the final say on everything.

Publift works with you to block ad categories and specific advertisers. They have a range of technology to reduce the risk of any spam ads. They also have a chrome extension called AdWizard that allows you to block ads on your site by clicking on them.

Publift's tags are built on top of your Google tags. All header bidding tags will come with some added latency to the page as they need to provide some time for the partners to respond with a bid. The tags are extremely lightweight, do not pass back redirects, and are built with speed in mind. Publift has full control over the bid time-out and can optimize the auction length to improve ad speed.

There are no lock-in contracts at Publift, and publishers are free to leave whenever.

The onboarding process takes approximately one week, depending on devoted resources on your side. The longest process would be the detailed analysis of your website conducted by their Account Management team. Post this; tag implementation would be required. Following the live date, they will continue to test and optimize your setup to maximize your performance.