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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site.

CafeMedia and AdThrive have been amalgamated into Raptive, which is a new kind of company that transforms creators into global brands and lasting businesses. For creators, they become your strategic partner that is equipped with expert advice, similar strategies, ad management, tailored technology, and inspired opportunities across all aspects of your business.

Raptive for creators supercharges your power and helps you make the most money on ads - while also growing fast and extending your horizons. They assure that you will a 20% higher RPM within your initial two weeks, or they will compensate you for the difference

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Raptive Products

Raptive's solutions and products will propel your further and faster through the folowing:

  • SEO System: Comprehensive SEO system and experts to help you plan, create, measure, and improve your content, including access to their AI/GPT-driven SEO solution - Topic
  • Slickstream Engagement Suite: Helps turn your casual visitors into loyal fans, while boosting RPMs
  • Experts & Resources: Email strategy, experts, and resources to better own the relationship with your best fan
  • Monitoring: Site performance and monitoring to optimize ad delivery and improve discoverability
  • Custom A/B Testing: To ensure audience satisfaction and engagement
  • Ad Management: Unsurpassed ad management, with innovative ad code, direct sales efforts, and unique demand partners to boost RPMs
  • Ad Formats: Proprietary ad formats, branded sponsorships, and direct sales that deliver a positive user experience and maximum revenue potential
  • Affiliate Commerce: Rewards you each time someone purchases through your unique links

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Raptive Features and Capabilities

Raptive helps you build exclusive partnerships with demand platforms and powers new revenue streams via its various features and capabilities, which are:

  • Customizable A/B ad Testing: To ensure optimal performance and try new ad types and placements.
  • Enhanced Exposure: Helps get better recognition and revenue for creators across the industry.
  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: Ensures that creators thrive through major changes in the next wave of digital media, and offers pioneering solutions to keep you ahead of third party cookies, AI, and privacy/antitrust concerns.
  • Multi-Stream Coverage: From data scientists to performance analysts, engineers to ad sales, their work is laser-focused on keeping you earning with whatever comes next.
  • Optimzed Revenue: Helps you earn the most from ads, expand your business and explore new revenue streams.

Raptive Payment Info

Raptive guarantees full payments to publishers irrespective of whether they get paid by advertisers or not. They pay ad earnings on a net-45 schedule. If the payment is under USD 25 or under USD 100 for Wire Transfers, it will be deferred and automatically included in the future payments. The payment methods offered are: Direct Deposit, eCheck/ Local Bank Transfer, PayPal, Paper Check, Wise/Payoneer and Wire Transfer.

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Raptive Key Facts

  • Raptive is a top 7 Ranked media company
  • Raptive combines smart technology with years on experience in the media industry and is now on a mission to helps creators and businesses grow.
  • Raptive champions creators and helps them compete head-on with the biggest media companies and enables them to reach their potential by simply doing what they love.
  • Raptive offers expert advice, smart strategies, ad management, and tailored technology.

Raptive Publisher Eligibility

Publishers have to meet with certain criteria to join Raptive. Once you meet these, they will equip you with their excellent features:

  • Google Analytics must be set up correctly 
  • 100% original content
  • Majority traffic must come from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand 
  • Site must consistently receive at least 1,00,000 page views each month.

Raptive Ad Formats

Raptive offers some highly-viewable ad formats to increase viewability and get high revenues. These are:

  • Sticky ads: These ads float with the user as they scroll down the page to stay in view. 
  • Interscroller ads: These ads typically blend into the user's browsing experience and become visible when the user scrolls to a specific point on the page
  • Interstitial ads: Increase user engagement with a noticeable ad format that covers the interface of the site. These ads either fill the screen on a mobile device or float over a webpage on a desktop.
  • Native ads: Native ads complement your content and site design by functioning seamlessly with your content, whether that’s inside your post content on desktop or mobile, or in one of your sidebar ad slots.
  • Outstream ads: A video advertising format that can stand alone and autoplay when they come into view on a webpage or within a mobile app. 
  • Mural ads: Typically refer to large-scale, visually striking ads or promotional displays that are designed to cover a significant portion of a webpage
  • Video ads: Raptive's Sticky Outstream Player plays video ads continuously at the bottom of the screen.Expandable Sticky Footer Ad
  • Display ads: It is essentially a blanket term for image/video ads of all shapes and sizes. It uses a push approach where users who see your display ads are targeted purposefully for those ads.
  • Auto-Sponsored Post ad: Uses Raptive's proprietary artificial intelligence platform, Marmalade, to help brands find posts you’ve already created that are relevant to ad campaigns they’re running.

Raptive FAQ

Brands and advertisers can access ad inventory via any ad exchange or SSP, which allows them to target their spend to your site. For their ad to appear on your site, they have to bid higher. This process is not in your hands.

RPM Guarantee if offered to publishers who switch to Raptive. They guarantee that within your first two weeks, you will hit a 20% higher RPM than with your previous company without increasing ads on your site. If not, they cover the difference to a 20% lift for the first month.

Raptive does not run ads that create poor user experience and that can hurt the advertisers reputation. These are: 1. Aggressive number of content ads 2. Video ads that auto play sound 3. In-image ads that take over the entire image. 4. Prestitial ads 5. Ads that cover more than 30% of content.

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