The Best Google MCM Partners for Publishers

With Multiple Customer Management (MCM), publishers with access to Ad Manager can earn revenue with the help of third-party providers who can consult, represent, and manage networks or inventory on their behalf. Small publishers can delegate their Ad Manager network management to a third-party publisher upon request. This establishes a parent-child relationship, where the network that requests access is the "parent publisher," and the network that grants access is the "child publisher."

MCM partners are companies that Google approves and provide a range of services to help publishers increase their overall advertising revenue. You need to provide the network code to your MCM partner and approve the authorization to represent your inventory. Most MCM partners have developed header bidding and other advanced monetization technologies to assist publishers in their monetization. They usually charge 10-30% of the revenue share based on the revenue uplifts they bring for your websites. 

How to Choose the Best Google MCM Partner?

Choosing the right MCM partner can be a daunting task, but there are several key factors to consider:

  • Experience: Look for partners with experience working with publishers and a track record of success.
  • Expertise: Choose partners who increase the overall yield and ad cpm rates of your website without the necessity of additional ad units. 
  • Technology: Ensure your partner has the latest ad optimization technologies like header bidding, auto-refresh, high viewability, etc. 
  • Support: Look for partners that provide excellent customer support, including training, troubleshooting, and ongoing guidance.

Premium Ads, an MCM Partner, offers publishers high-quality, targeted advertising solutions aimed at maximizing revenue. These services leverage advanced targeting capabilities and premium ad placements to ensure optimal engagement and monetization opportunities for publishers.


Predicto, an trusted MCM partner, empowers publishers to optimize their content distribution and audience targeting seamlessly, maximizing growth and engagement potential. With industry-leading forecasting and yield optimization tools, they maximize audience value through precise data-driven strategies.

InvestingChannel offers a robust Video Monetization Platform tailored for publishers, enabling them to maximize revenue through targeted video content distribution and monetization strategies. Their platform integrates advanced analytics and ad-serving capabilities to optimize viewer engagement and ad performance across digital channels.



Sendwebpush is an MCM Partner, designed to assist content creators in monetizing their work through effective ad management. It provides tools and support for managing advertisements on websites, aimed at optimizing revenue generation effectively. Sendwebpush values the importance of creators' work and aims to foster the creator’s content through strategic ad placement and management.



As an MCM Partners, Highfivve offers tailored solutions to maximize ad revenue and streamline operations. Their expertise in integrating multiple demand sources and providing actionable insights empowers publishers to optimize yield and enhance user engagement.



As an MCM partner, TargetVideo specializes in enhancing monetization through video content and advanced advertising solutions for publishers. Their platform integrates seamlessly with publishers' existing systems, providing robust tools for video distribution, audience engagement, and revenue optimization across multiple channels.



Ampliffy serves as a trusted Multi-Client Management (MCM) partner for publishers, specializing in maximizing revenue streams through innovative ad tech solutions and strategic collaborations. Their platform offers a robust video solution tailored for publishers seeking to expand their audience, particularly targeting a youthful demographic. By integrating video content and pre-roll in-stream video ads, Ampliffy enables publishers to enhance their user experience while tapping into new advertising revenue opportunities.

American Hometown Media serves as a trusted MCM partner for publishers, specializing in programmatic monetization across various verticals, including food, lifestyle, tech, and beauty. They offer tailored solutions that integrate content management, audience engagement, and monetization strategies, empowering publishers to maximize their reach and revenue potential.



AdZep specializes in providing comprehensive monetization solutions and commercial operations for publishers, helping them optimize revenue streams across various platforms. As MCM Partners, they offer advanced tools and strategic insights to maximize advertising performance and grow audience engagement.



ADOP Inc, as an MCM Partner, offers publishers comprehensive monetization solutions through advanced ad management technologies. They provide tailored strategies to maximize revenue streams while ensuring efficient and transparent ad delivery processes. By prioritizing publisher needs and leveraging innovative ad-tech solutions, ADOP establishes itself as a trusted partner in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Benefits of Google MCM Partners for Publishers

MCM platforms offer several benefits for publishers, including:

  • Enhanced Monetization: Google's MCM program could offer publishers additional monetization opportunities through various channels, such as YouTube, Google AdSense, and other Google platforms. This could lead to increased revenue streams and potential growth for publishers.
  • Advanced Analytics and Insights: MCM partners provide publishers with valuable insights into their audience's behavior, content performance, and other relevant metrics. This data could help publishers make data-driven decisions to optimize their content strategy and improve engagement.
  • Brand Association: Being part of Google's MCM program could lend credibility and legitimacy to publishers, as they would be associated with a well-established and renowned tech company.

The comparison here can help you understand the difference between Google MCM Partners, Google SPM partners, and Google AdSense. 


Google MCM Google SPM AdSense
Google AdX Yes Yes
Google Open Bidding Yes
Preferred deals Yes
Programmatic guaranteed Yes
Third-party optimization Yes Yes

Average CPM Uplift with Google MCM Partners

The CPM uplift that publishers can expect when partnering with MCM (Multi-Channel Network) partners can vary widely based on several factors. The actual uplift will depend on the specific MCM partner, your content niche, audience engagement, and the level of tech and support provided. Here are some general considerations:

  • Content Niche: The niche or category of your content plays a significant role in determining the CPM uplift. Some niches, such as finance, technology, and lifestyle, tend to have higher CPM rates, while others may have lower rates.
  • Audience Quality: The quality of your audience, including factors like viewer demographics, geographic location, and engagement, can impact CPM rates. High-quality audiences with relevant demographics often attract higher-paying advertisers.
  • MCM Services: The extent and quality of services offered by your MCM partner can affect CPM uplift. Partners that provide comprehensive audience development, content optimization, and monetization support tend to have a more positive impact on CPM rates.
  • Monetization Strategies: Effective monetization strategies, including ad placement, ad format selection, and audience targeting, can significantly impact CPM uplift. MCM partners that excel in optimizing these strategies can help you earn more from your content.
  • Market Conditions: The state of the digital advertising market can also affect CPM rates. Market conditions, seasonal fluctuations, and global events may lead to variations in CPM rates.

Types of Google MCM Partners

  • Google Certified Publishing Partner: A Google Certified Publishing Partner is a company that we’ve reviewed and have proven to be experts using Google products and also provide publishers with innovative solutions and services.
  • Google Certified Publishing Partner[Premier]: The Premier program is designed for partners that consistently meet our exclusive program requirements. Premier partners have proven success in quality, size, and commitments to help publishers monetize in the ecosystem.
  • Ad Manager 360: A Google Ad Manager 360 Platform Partner is a company that has been authorized by Google to sell and support Google Ad Manager 360 to publishers. They can provide publishers with a variety of services, including: Setting up and managing Google Ad Manager 360 accounts, selling and delivering ads, providing support and training, and helping publishers to optimize their revenue.

In any partnership with an MCM, it's crucial to monitor the performance of your channel and the impact on your CPM rates over time. This will help you understand the direct benefits of the partnership and make informed decisions about its continuation. MCM partners are often called AdX resellers. The MCM partners give approved third parties how to offer Ad Exchange access to their clients and open premium monetization services to more publishers with no high entry requirement cost. Additionally, they offer ongoing support to publishers to maximize their revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

MCM stands for Multi-Channel Marketing, which involves using multiple channels to reach your target audience, including email, social media, display advertising, and more.

MCM is essential for publishers because it allows them to connect with their target audience through multiple channels, maximizing their reach and increasing their chances of engagement and conversion.

Choose an MCM partner that has experience working with publishers, expertise in the channels you want to target, the technology and tools necessary to execute your campaign effectively, and excellent customer support.