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Advertising Disclosure

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AdPushups, a Microsoft Ventures-funded team, is a member of the IAB, a Google NPM Partner, and a registered member of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). Leading venture partners have contributed to multiple rounds of funding for it.

They take great satisfaction in having the best monetization tools available on a single platform. They provide creative ad formats, A/B testing technologies, header bidding, ad mediation, AdBlock recovery, and AMP conversion in addition to their other services. Additionally, AdPushup provides the most recent ad technology optimization strategies, including lazy loading and auto-refresh advertising.

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AdPushup Products

  • Ad layout optimization- This helps personalize your ad layout for each visitor. 
  • Ad Mediation- This tool analyses historical bid performance data and adaptively awards impressions to the network that is likely to bid the highest, ensuring you get the highest revenue. 
  • Ad Block Recovery- Earn back the revenue you lost to ad blockers, using this product. All without disturbing the user experience. 
  • AMP Ads- Experience the benefits of client-side header bidding without compromising on Core Web Vitals with access to premium demand on your AMP ad inventory.
  • Innovative Ad Formats- Create high-impact ads and strategies that increase your revenue. 
  • Glimpse- Help your links come to life and increase your ad revenue with this product. Each time a visitor hovers across a link. they see a live preview. 
  • Head Bidding-  Get the highest possible bid with AdPushup's header bidding technology. 
  • First Audience- FirstAudience is an automated AI-based first-party audience management solution that carries out contextual and interest-based audience segmentation and reporting for Google Ad Manage
  • Floor Sense-  An AI-powered floor price optimization engine, Floor Sense, is designed specifically for video ads. It enables web publishers with video ad inventory to significantly increase their revenue by changing their floor prices dynamically and in real time.
  • Video Ads- Maximize your video ad inventory. 
  • Glimpse for Ads- Allow visitors to see live reviews of ad landing pages just by hovering over the creative. 

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AdPushup Features and Capabilities

  • You are able to change the arrangement of your advertisement with a few mouse clicks. Your new ad units can be placed wherever you like, and their AI technology uses automated A/B testing to boost revenue.
  • They choose high viewability for their ad formats, which has been shown to raise CTR and inventory value. This covers native ads, docked ads, sticky ads, and in-view ads.
  • Since everyone understands the value of quicker page loads, the AdPushup team developed their own AMP Converter, which provides custom designs and improved monetization tools for your site.
  • This cutting-edge programmatic technology enables several exchanges and demand sources to concurrently and in a real-time bid on your impressions, increasing bid pressure and, consequently, ad revenues.
  • In closed networks without RTB auctions, this method maximizes revenue. In order to assign the impression to networks that are most likely to make the highest bid, it examines past bid performance.

AdPushup Payment Info

They have easy payments, and you can choose to get paid via PayPal or bank wire on Net-45 terms for the revenue generated by serving ads through their network on your site. They have a minimum payment threshold of USD 50.

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AdPushup Key Facts

  • AdPushup started in  2014.
  • AdPushup is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP)backed by Microsoft Ventures, a member of the IAB and TAG, and a winner of the NASSCOM Emerge 50 award.

AdPushup Publisher Eligibility

AdPushup has no specific requirements that publishers have to meet in order to work with AdPushup, except that you must have more than $5000 USD monthly ad revenue, and you have to give AdPushup exclusivity. They generally approve all publisher submissions.

AdPushup Pricing

AdPushup does not charge and fixed or recurring fee. Instead, they offer custom revenue plans. 

AdPushup Revenue Share

The default revenue share percentage that AdPushup keep is is 20%. However, this can go up to 40% too.

AdPushup Ad Formats

AdPushup offers the following ad formats:

  • In-View ads: These ads are placed in between the text or media within the main content area of a website and expand to reveal themselves as the user scrolls down the page.
  • In-image ads: This format enables publishers to create an additional channel of ad revenue on a website by scanning web pages and overlaying contextual ads on top of editorial images.
  • Sticky ads: These ads are anchored at fixed locations on the web page (top, bottom, left or right) during page load and remain in view even when the user scrolls up or down the page.
  • Docked ads: Docked ads are similar to sticky ads, but instead of being fixed in location during page load, they are triggered and as the user scrolls beyond them on the screen and then stick in place.

AdPushup FAQ

AdPushup believes that optimization is a game of numbers, and they can deliver results that are proportional to your baseline revenue. They work only with websites that are generating USD 5000 in monthly ad revenue.

It takes only 5 minutes to create your account and post that; you have to verify your website by adding a single line of code to the website's header. The ad ops team will then help with the setup.

Publishers will maintain complete control of their websites at all times. They can use the visual editor to set up and test new ad layout variations, or their ad ops can do it for you, but it will all go through your approval.

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AdPushup Reviews

4.8 / 5
Overall Rating

Features & Capabilities

Ease of Use

Customer Support

Likelihood to Recommend

Value for Money

Robust platform to boost your overall earnings

I used AdPushup back in 2015, and since then, there has been a lot of features that got added. However, my experience with them has been amazing both as a publisher and an employee. I worked with AdPushup for around 6 months, from October 2015 to March 2016. I was monetizing my website with AdPushup prior to that can continued using them on my site for some time and saw significant revenue uplift. But, since the majority of my sites revenue was coming from Google consumer surveys, I wanted to keep very limited ads on my website. Thus, I went back to AdSense later.

  1. Continuous optimization of ads
  2. Higher revenue for niche AdSense sites
  3. Great customer support and value for money
  1. There aren't any negative that I can write about AdPushup.

Features & Capabilities

Ease of Use

Customer Support

Likelihood to Recommend

Value For Money