8 Best AdPushup Alternatives to Increase Your Revenue

A solution for revenue optimization, AdPushup raises publishers' CPMs and CTRs. This helps increase the publishers’ ad revenue. They use several ways, such as A/B testing of publishers’ ad layouts. They also have several monetization tools available on a single platform. 

A solid revenue optimization platform, AdPushup helps publishers increase their adverts revenue. Their technology brings together a propreitary algorithm that considers user context and real-time inventory availability to serve relevant ads.

Why Do You Need AdPushup Alternatives

Despite having some great pros, AdPushup is not perfect. For one, you have to give it exclusivity. This means that you cannot use another adtech alongside AdPushup. There's also the minimum revenue requirement to be able to get AdPushup's services. This can create a barrier for smaller publishers and beginners. There could be several other reasons why someone might need AdPushup alternatives, including:

  • Different Features: Ad optimization platforms offer different features and capabilities. If AdPushup does not have the specific features you need to optimize your ad revenue, you might want to consider an alternative.
  • Negative Experience: If you have had a negative experience with AdPushup's platform, customer support, or services, you might want to try an alternative.
  • Diversification: Some website owners prefer to use multiple ad optimization services to diversify their revenue streams and reduce their dependence on a single platform.
  • Competition: It is always a good practice to explore the market and compare different ad optimization platforms to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Although a great software, AdPushup has its share of limitations that necessarily needs to be considered. So, check out the best AdPushup alternatives to increase your revenue.

With over 700+ publications they manage, MonetizeMore is a rapidly expanding ad tech company that has established itself as the industry leader in ad revenue optimization. This AdPushup alternative does a good job of vetting sites, onboarding new users, and improving site layouts, which is excellent; their distinctive advantages for more prominent publishers outweigh that.

An iZooto alternative, Setupad is a monetization tool that allows content producers to display programmatic advertising to boost their ad revenue. More than 15 supply-side networks, including Google, are connected to the publisher's ad inventory through Setupad using header bidding technology.

For digital content producers who want to commercialize their websites, Mediavine offers a full range of ad management services. For a high return on investment, the corporation pays bloggers and online publishers to insert adverts on their websites.

By collaborating with top advertisers, PubGalaxy acts as a platform for website publishers and owners, assisting them in monetizing their website ad space. By utilizing the full potential of the RTB ecosystem, PubGalaxy's goal is to assist its publishers in achieving steady growth in revenue from display ad inventory.



Sulvo is a programmatic ad server that delivers on-target metrics on revenue and engagement and helps increase ad revenue. This alternative for iZooto will help publishers increase their revenue exponentially.

One of the Google Certified Ad Exchanges, OptAd360, uses its OptAd360 AI to provide website, video, and app monetization services. This iZooto alternative has the objective to use cutting-edge techniques and experience to assist each publication in monetizing its digital content.

Snigel has access to premium advertising campaigns as a Google MCM Partner and Google AdX Partner. With the help of its AdSense revenue estimator, Snigel can increase your ad earnings. This platform is regarded as one of the best AdSense substitutes and anti-AdBlock tools available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some possible reasons include wanting different features or pricing, wanting to try out different services, or having a negative experience with AdPushup.

Some possible features to consider include the ability to run A/B tests, the ability to integrate with different ad networks, the ability to optimize ad placement and format, analytics, and reporting, and integrations with other marketing tools.

To choose the best AdPushup alternative, you should consider factors such as your budget, the size of your website traffic, the features you need, and the level of support you require. You can also try out different services on a trial basis to see which one works best for you.