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Mediavine Description

For digital content producers who want to commercialize their websites, Mediavine offers a full range of ad management services. For a high return on investment, the corporation pays bloggers and online publishers to insert adverts on their websites.

Users also have access to a sophisticated reporting system that details which advertisements perform the best and which may need to be adjusted. Mediavine maintains basic standards for publishers, just like other ad networks.

The most crucial condition is that your site has at least 50,000 visits every month. Since sessions more accurately reflect the value of your traffic, Mediavine utilizes sessions as a metric rather than page views.

However, for smaller bloggers, this high session need may be prohibitive. You'll also require to be in good standing with Google Adsense along with a high session requirement. Additionally, Mediavine wants bloggers to create long-form, interesting content.

Mediavine Features and Capabilities

Mediavine Payment Info

Mediavine operates on a net 65-day payment cycle, and you can receive the payments via Domestic ACH, PayPal,  Wire Transfer, and eCheck/Bank Transfer, provided that you have reached their minimum payout threshold of USD 25.

Mediavine Publisher Eligibility

The website is required to have at least 50,000 sessions in the previous 30 days to join Mediavine.

Mediavine Pricing


Mediavine Ad Formats

Mediavine offers the following ad formats:
Display Ads: These combine text, images, and URLs that link to the website.
Native Ads:  The ads match the look and feel of the content.
Video Ads:  These are  ads that promote products in the form of a video.