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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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PubGalaxy acts as a platform for website publishers and owners, assisting them in monetizing their website ad space, by collaborating with top advertisers. PubGalaxy aims to help its publishers attain steady revenue growth from their display ad inventory by leveraging the full potential of the RTB (Real-Time Bidding) ecosystem.

In order to empower its publishers to monetize online traffic across all platforms, PubGalaxy seeks to monetize smartphones, desktops, and video inventory. The solution gives its publishers access to the RTB ecosystem through a single system, thereby making various demand sources compete with one another for a publisher's inventory. By utilizing the potential of both conventional static demand and programmatic ad exchanges, PubGalaxy is able to take the finest elements from each and provide publishers with high CPM rates.

PubGalaxy aggregates demand from various sources, evaluating and adjusting advertising partners to ensure that only the top-performing ads have access to the publisher's inventory.

Quick Facts
Quick Setup
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
High CPMs
Multiple Formats
Global Fill Rates
~ $100 Payment Threshold
Brand Safe

Pubgalaxy Products

PubGalaxy offers the following products:

  • CPC/CPM Optimization: They assist you in optimizing bid values for each impression through a combination strategies such as auction management, advertising and organic expertise. 
  • Auction technology: Real-time bidding to maximize competition for your inventory
  • Ad Serving Technology: Pubgalaxy supports features such as multi-size biddng, lazy loading, device recognition and infinite scroll.
  • Ad Quality Protection: To detect fraud and ensure brand safety.
  • All-In-One Reporting: Centralized dashboard to have access to all your data in one place.

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Pubgalaxy Features and Capabilities

  • Centralized Dashboard: It provides a centralized reporting system and API
  • Diversified Industries: PubGalaxy provides inventory monetization for website owners in a variety of industries such as technology, business, entertainment, etc.
  • Global Access: Publishers can make money off of their merchandise from anywhere in the world.
  • Protection & Security: All industry standard procedures and human monitoring are used to assure brand safety.
  • Tailored Solutions: For each unique publication, they provide a web monetization solution that is customized.

Pubgalaxy Payment Info

PubGalaxy makes payments to publishes within 35 days of the end of the calendar month in which the ads were served. The minimum payout threshold for a wire transfer to be initiated is USD 100 and a minimum of USD 50 must be accrued for a PayPal transfer.

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Pubgalaxy Key Facts

  • PubGalaxy is an ad revenue optimization platform that helps maximize ad revenue and streamline all your advertising operations under a single platform, designed by professionals with 20+ years of experience in both publishing and programmatic advertising.
  • PubGalaxy is a publisher-centric website monetization platform that provides intelligent technology and human expertise to help publishers worldwide maximize their ad revenue.

Pubgalaxy Site Type Monetized

PubGalaxy's solutions work seamlessly on websites from all verticals, and they have a large variety of niche sites, blogs, news sites, and more.

Pubgalaxy Publisher Eligibility

PubGalaxy does not have a hard requirement, but each inquiry undergoes an evaluation process where they review a wide range of criteria to find out if they can add value to your business. So, they advise you to have a minimum traffic of 7 million page views per month and for you to have an identifiable traffic acquisition track record. You must also clear Google's Transparency Report.

Pubgalaxy Ad Formats

PubGalaxy offers the following ad formats:

  • Adhesive Ads: These are ads that stick to the edge of the screen with a close button.
  • Native Ads: These are ads that match the site's look and feel and provide a good user experience. 
  • Skins Ads: These are ads that use the website's background and display high-impact ads. 

Pubgalaxy FAQ

PubGalaxy has on-page video ad solutions, but they do not offer video monetization services for YouTube, Vimeo, and such video content platforms.

PubGalaxy's solutions work seamlessly on websites from all verticals, and they have a large variety of niche sites, blogs, news sites, and more.

No, if your sites are hosted on platforms like, PubGalaxy will not be able to suggest solutions for your digital publishing business.

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