Sovrn Description

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site.

The Real-Time Buying (RTB) CPM network Sovrn enables you to serve advertisements. It functions similarly to an exchange where you first "announce" or make your current ad inventory available, allowing the advertisers to adjust their bids to obtain your ad inventories.

Based on the ultimate fill rate and cost RPM that you receive, your actual revenues will be determined. By selecting a higher floor, you can "improve" your overall RPM, but as you raise the pricing floor, your fill rate will start to fall.

Sovrn serves as a reasonably good AdSense substitute, given that AdSense has recently made less money. 

Sovrn Features and Capabilities

  • You need precise information about the merchants you are authorized to work with and the commission rates you can anticipate earning in order to develop your affiliate link successfully. You can quickly see and search your list of authorized merchants using its new merchant dashboard, and you can also get information on conversion rates, payout structures, and other things.
  • When used in conjunction with its new Commerce reporting capability, advanced UTM monitoring is even more beneficial. For in-depth information on link performance, dealer approvals, and other topics, you can now view five new reports.

Sovrn Payment Info

At least a $25 balance at the end of the month is required to be paid by Sovrn. Once your account balance reaches $25, your payment will be submitted in approximately 30 days. However, for wire transfers, the minimum payout threshold is $50 and for ACH, Check, Check and Paypal, it is $25.

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Sovrn Publisher Eligibility

Essentially, Sovrn does not have a pageview limit for publishers, but it is preferred that you have at least 1,000 daily page views.  

Sovrn Ad Formats

Sovrn offers the following ads:

Leaderboards Ads: These are display ads placed in a prominent position to make them easily visible.

Outstream Ads: These are ads that autoplay in a large format whenever a user navigates to it within text content.

Instream Ads: These are ads that appear within video content, like pre-roll ads.

Signal Ads: these are multi-variant targeted ads that show the data that the site collects. 

Sovrn FAQ

Sovrn begins looking over and optimizing your ad stack as soon as possible. You should be prepared to communicate with them daily during the first few weeks as they get up to speed. During this time, you can expect some short-term revenue fluctuations as they implement new partners and products and organize your existing ad stack.

It doesn’t matter what topic your site covers. The most successful sites have engaged viewers, frequently updated content, high IAS content scores, and follow industry standards for ad placement and content. Medium to large publishers that care about their site and their site's audience are good fits for Ad Management.

Sovrn needs access to whatever ad-serving platforms that you're using, as well as a detailed understanding of how your ads are set up. A core component of their services offering is daily management and optimization of your ad stack.