Chocolate Platform
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Chocolate Platform Description

Chocolate is the world’s first video SSP with 100% server-side auctions. It is a global company that aims to deliver the best mobile, desktop, and connected TV video advertising solutions. They offer powerful monetization solutions for app developers, mobile publishers, and CTV providers. 

Publishers can monetize and earn higher eCPMs by running video ads on mobile, desktop, or CTV display inventory using Chocolate’s advanced programmatic video-only platform.  

Their full-screen, rewarded, native, and pre-roll video ad units are clickable and user preference controlled, which provides balanced satisfaction for advertisers, publishers, and users.

Chocolate Platform Features and Capabilities

Chocolate Platform Payment Info

Chocolate will calculate and report your monthly revenue to you after the end of the calendar month and will credit the revenue within 60 days after the end of the applicable month. So, it operates on a net 60-day basis. They make these payments only when the outstanding balance exceeds USD 250.

Chocolate Platform Key Facts

Chocolate Platform Publisher Eligibility

Publishers have to meet some requirements to take the monetization benefits that Chocolate offers. The publisher must have a Google DFP/Ad-exchange account, it must be linked to the Ad Manager network, and it must be the primary account. The account must be enabled for Exchange bidding.

Chocolate Platform Ad Formats

Chocolate platform offers the following ad formats:

Chocolate Platform Faq

Chocolate Mediation offers a universal auction model that selects the highest demand source across all mediating networks instead of picking bids from any preferred network, thus, alleviating any revenue loss due to the traditional waterfall model and maximizing revenue. Our internal publishers see ad revenue increases of at least 20% compared to a waterfall model.

Chocolate platform is compliant with rigorous guidelines set by TAG to create a transparent and secure framework for the digital supply chain.

Chocolate platform offers solutions for app developers, mobile publishers and CTV providers.