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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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SmartyAds Ad Exchange is a programmatic ad marketplace for publishers and supply partners looking for ways to generate revenue through website or app advertising. The platform allows publishers and app developers to sell their inventory across all digital channels programmatically, achieving the most lucrative, available outcomes. Publishers have ultimate control over the price of each impression and choose what advertising content appears in front of their custom audience, helping them maximize their revenue through higher fill rates and better engagement.

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SmartyAds Products

  • Supply Side Platform (SSP): SmartyAds' SSP equips users with essential programmatic tools to efficiently allocate inventory and optimize monetization. Publishers are given full authority over their ad inventory across all levels, with the option to monetize unsold inventory through RTB auctions to obtain the highest possible revenue for their properties.
  • Demand Side Platform: SmartyAds DSP is an award-winning technology featuring an easy-to-use dashboard with a unified interface that lets you manage your campaigns under one umbrella, obtain transparent reports to analyze performance, as well as traffic.

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SmartyAds Features and Capabilities

  • Unified Interface: To help you manage your campaigns in a centralized way, boost revenue with higher CPMs.
  • Detailed Analytics: To obtain insights on viewer behaviour and analyze your campaigns' performance metrics.
  • Transparent Insights: Provides clarity into those interested in your inventory, and the amount they bid for it.
  • Publisher Flexibility: Publishers have control over the price of each impression and choose what advertising content appears in front of their custom audience.
  • Global Reach: Exposes your app to global advertisers and utilizes real-time bidding competition.
  • 100% Fill Rate: Uses AI to build predictive machine learning algorithms that match supply with unlimited buyer demand.
  • Header Bidding Solutions: Publishers can offer inventory to all demand partners at the same time, allowing them to compete for available impressions on equal footing.
  • PMP: Through SmartyAds SSP, you can sell your exclusive inventory in private marketplace auctions and offer it to a specific group of buyers to know who is purchasing impressions. 

SmartyAds Payment Info

The publishers with Smartyads can withdraw earnings in the 60 days period after each month. The minimum payout is USD 50. You can withdraw earnings via PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer.

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SmartyAds Key Facts

  • SmartyAds is a CPM advertising network serving ads worldwide. 
  • Their solutions are fraud-resistant and safe by design.
  • They have a transparent and GDPR and CCPA-friendly data policy.
  • Publishers have ultimate control over the price of each impression and choose what advertising content appears in front of their custom audience
  • They have global reach to present your app to global advertisers.

SmartyAds Geos Served

Global reach.

SmartyAds Publisher Eligibility

SmartyAds has no minimum traffic requirement for publishers. You just need to sign up and create an account to get started.

SmartyAds Ad Formats

Smartyads offers the following ad formats:

  • Rich Media Ads: This format is all about flexibility, - it floats, plays, and expands while the user interacts with a landing page.
  • Native Ads: Native ad format is the best fighter against ad fatigue. Unlike banner ads, these units appear as content recommendation widgets, in-feed content blocks, sponsored and branded content.
  • Video Ads: These are engaging, playable mobile ads to capture the user's attention and drive traffic.
  • Rewarded Video ads: This incentivizes users to click on ads in exchange for app rewards.
  • Banner Ads: These ads are designed to play a short video clip when a user views a webpage or interacts with an app where the ad is displayed.

SmartyAds FAQ

SmartyAds usually takes up to 24 hours to review and approve a website.

SmartyAds operates on a CPM model.

Smartyads provides marketers with access to data-drive reports of impressions, ad spends, conversions and other metrics that are updated every hour.

The payment is counted for the total number of actual impressions served on the publisher’s inventory and approved by them.

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