7 Best Consent Management Platforms for Publishers

Last Updated: July 31, 2023
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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Data privacy is a prevalent topic in this fast-paced digital age. Increasing awareness about data privacy among consumers necessitates website owners to be cautious about obtaining the legal consent of users before collecting, using, and sharing user data. To ensure that data privacy is maintained, GDPR and other region-specific privacy laws are in place to protect users’ data privacy over the internet by offering them the freedom to choose which data they want to be used.

This is where consent management platforms come and play a role. CMPs are tools that offer a way to track and manage the consent of the users and give them a way to manage their preferences and control the use of data.

  • 10 Best Consent Management Platforms for Publishers
    • 1. Setupad CMP
    • 2. Snigel Adconsent CMP
    • 3. Onetrust/ Cookiepro CMP
    • 4. Admiral CMP
    • 5. Cookiebot CMP
    • 6. Pubtech Pubconsent CMP
    • 7. Usercentrics CMP

What are Consent Management Platforms?

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a tool using which websites can deal with cookie regulations. These are tools that gather and handle the personal information, but in a way that is GDPR compliant. Through this technology, websites can obtain legal consent from the users to use their data. The idea of a consent management platform is to give users the right to choose the cookies they want and change their privacy settings accordingly.

CMP gives detailed information to the users about which website is collecting data, why it is being collected/tracked, and which organisations are interested in processing your information. Users have a clear choice of whether or not they want cookies to manage their data and be used by interested parties. The user's preferences are saved in a permanent database and later used for compliance. 

Why Should Publishers Use Consent Management Platforms?

A Consent Management Platform is helpful to both publishers and users. For publishers, a CMP helps them collect user “acceptance” or “rejection” of personal data usage. Moreover, according to the recent addition to Google’s EU user consent policy, all publishers who use Google Adsense and Admanager/Admob must use a Google-certified CMP. 

Moreover, the CMP must integrate with IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) while catering its ads to the European Economic Area. Google then evaluates Google-certified CMPs based on the Google certification requirements by focusing on TCF guidelines. 

10 Best Consent Management Platforms for Publishers

The best consent management platforms for publishers comply with all the current privacy laws. Here is a list of the best consent management platforms for publishers. You can choose the one that suits your requirements the best!

1. Setupad CMP

Setupad CMP makes a website suited to GDPR laws. Google approves Setupad CMP, and the CMP follows IAB regulations. This CMP tool views the users’ privacy settings, seamlessly collects user consent, and stores them in its database. They make sure that the collection of user content is both simple and transparent. 


  • This top Consent Management platform offers complete compliance with the GDPR laws.
  • The design of the consent banner is customisable with this Consent Management Platform.
  • Provides various languages to communicate with your website visitors
  • This CMP also has an easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • The services are ideal for monetised websites.

Pricing: The Setpad CMP platform is freely accessible to all Setpad clients. 

2. Snigel Adconsent CMP

Adconsent, the IAB-registered CMP by Snigel, allows users to choose how comfortably they share their data with publishers for ad campaigns. Choose if you want your data to be a part of ad targeting through CMP’s value-added services. This could help the website abide by privacy concerns. This CMP helps ensure your website’s protection against privacy fines.  They are not just compliant with the GDPR regulations and CCPA but also keeps the site speed intact.


  • Snigel Adconsent CMP does not hamper your website speed and keeps it running at 100%.
  • This CMP follows GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) regulations. 
  • Integrated with Snigel’s AdEngine product, this CMP is constantly updating itself and improving customisation possibilities by meeting the changing demands.
  • Snigel Adconsent CMP also keeps up with all the new additions to user data privacy compliance laws
  • Is a lightweight solution that is registered according to IAB Transparency and Consent Framework

3. Onetrust / Cookiepro CMP

OneTrust’s consent management platform is approved by Google and complies with IAB’s TCF (European) requirements and other privacy acts such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and others. This enables the partners to use Google publisher products to comply with the needs of the privacy laws. This CMP maintains privacy and delivers constant performance and responsible data use.


  • Deals with various privacy acts, so one need not worry about separate data privacy laws.
  • Uses customised consent banners, providing an engaging data-capturing experience. 
  • Uses real-time synchronisation to act instantaneously on your website visitors’ consent preferences. 
  • Supports easy integration with helpful tech components like Facebook, freewheel, and Adobe Advertising Cloud.
  • Does not need any codes to integrate to block trackers unless and until the users consent.
  • Onetrust CMP also offers real-time dashboards and tools to evaluate security risks on the site’s third-party data processors. 

Pricing: Onetrust CMP offers a 14-day trial. 

4. Admiral CMP

With Admiral CMP, publishers can achieve GDPR and CCPA laws compliance and protect user privacy in a better manner. By following these standards, this CMP improves the rates of user consent. As a Google-approved CMP serving EU website visitors, Admiral CMP is among the first to comply with IAB TCF requirements. This CMP also maintains transparency throughout the process.


  • Admiral CMP can deal with both IAB and non-IAB third-party advertisers and has no vendor limit
  • Very simple to install the software and easier to use. After setting up the CMP, publishers can start managing consent and privacy settings within a few minutes.  
  • Admiral CMP provides cross-platform support, including mobile-based settings.
  • The GDPR compliance services by Admiral CMP include 100% transparency and reporting of visitor consent settings along with 24/7 customer support.
  • In the case of CCPA compliance solutions, the publishers can detect the IP addresses of their visitors and ID them. Users visiting from California are offered an option to opt out of getting their data used for sales. 

Pricing: The all-in-one solution package starts at $120/month. GDPRR and CCPA compliance solutions packages start at $40 every month. 

5. Cookiebot CMP

Cookiebot CMP is a powerful technology that gives the user control over trackers, cookies and data collection. Cookiebot CMP swiftly collects users’ consent data through personalized consent banners. These processes are in full compliance with significant data privacy laws such as GDPR (EU), CCPA (California), LGPD (Brazil), POPIA (South Africa), PDPA (Singapore), and others. Cookiebot CMP also provides a simulation of how personal data is processed by constructing a proxy for real users and reveals how tracking through third-party apps goes on. 


  • Cookiebot CMP helps websites become compliant with GDPR and CCPA privacy acts. 
  • With this CMP, publishers can easily control all cookies and trackers through automation. 
  • You can protect your website from suffering from data privacy violations.
  • Cookiebot CMP automatically blocks all cookies until they receive user consent and scans all websites thoroughly for any traces of trackers.

Pricing: Cookiebot CMP provides a free plan with essential services for freelancers and non-profits. But, for businesses, Cookiebot CMP offers its Premium plan in three packages, namely small (€12), medium (€28), and large (€49).

6. Pubtech Pubconsent CMP

Pubtech Pubconsent CMP works seamlessly without hampering your website speed. You will find customisation options in every aspect of the consent collection process. This can increase consent rates by creating consent banners and blocking cookies. They are stored for a year in their database.


  • Pubconsent is considered a very lightweight CMP (less than 50Kb).
  • Pubconsent CMP can perfectly blend into the website visuals and boost consent rates.
  • Monitor consent data and statistics with real-time actions by Pubconsent CMP.
  • This CMP claims to be quick to set up and very easy to use. This CMP runs smoothly and meets all legal standards. 
  • Pubconsent CMP allows multiple languages and countries to comply with GDPR and IAB laws. Pubconsent CMP blocks cookies based on consumer preferences and complies with CCPA and LGPD laws. 

Pricing: Pubconsent CMP price plans are based on the number of page views you get. For instance, a 250k monthly page view will cost you 15. 

7. Usercentrics CMP

Trusted by 900,000 websites, Usercentrics CMP complies with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and POPIA privacy laws. Usercentrics CMP works in three steps. First, it extracts all user consent info and creates an audit-proof document. Second, it manages consent based on new privacy laws and legal requirements. Third, Usercentrics CMP reactivates the opt-out users to increase consent rates. Following this, Usercentrics CMP also collects consent from Youtube, social plugins, Google Maps, and other social platforms. 


  • Usercentrics CMP is easily adaptable to all various technologies, such as your marketing tools.
  • This CMP helps you turn privacy into a competitive advantage where you aim at improving user opt-in rates. 
  • Easily adapts to new legal strategies.
  • With 100% transparency in the consent collection process, gain your user’s opt-in rates.

Pricing: The Usercentrics CMP pricing plans include a monthly Starter pack for growing businesses priced at $60. The Advanced program for business scaling quickly starts from $237 to $1186. The Premium plan mostly follows custom pricing.

Publishers trust the above-listed best consent management platforms that efficiently store user consent and manage them seamlessly. They are all Google-approved and follow various data privacy laws that protect your website from privacy fines and violations. You can pick from the above CMPs based on your unique goals - performance, detailed reporting, customisation possibilities and seamless integration.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Consent Management Platform or CMP is a software tool that identifies all cookies and trackers and blocks them until it collects user content. CMP prevents unwilling data processing and complies with privacy laws.

According to Google, all websites catering to the EU, California, South Africa, and Brazil must comply with the privacy laws in those regions. Before processing user data, consent has to be taken. A Consent Management Platform handles such responsibilities and seamlessly integrates with the websites.

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