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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Usercentrics helps publishers comply with CCPA and GDPR laws so as to not violate their audience's privacy. Compliance with these laws can help avoid heavy violation fees and, worse, loss of trust with your audience. Usercentrics also helps publishers by providing consent management services, ensuring you never contact your audience or track their demographic activityCookiebot™ is Usercentrics’
solution for small businesses without their explicit permission. 

Usercentrics Products

  • GDPR- GDPR is a European privacy protection law.
  • CCPA- CCPA is a California privacy protection law. 
  • VCDPA- VCDPA is a Virginia privacy protection law. 
  • LGPD- LGPD is a Brazillian privacy protection law. 
  • POPIA- POPIA is a South African privacy protection law. 
  • TCF 2.0- TCF 2.0 is an IAB privacy protection law.

Usercentrics helps you stay compliant with all these laws, build trust with your audience, and avoid privacy fines.

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Usercentrics Features and Capabilities

There are also other products this software offers, such as-

  • Website and App Consent Management- Usercentrics helps you manage explicit, implicit, and opt-out consent on your website and apps. This ensures you do not have to pay privacy fines and lets you audience know they can trust you. 
  • Free Data Audit- This feature allows you to scan your website and see which tracking software and cookies are gathering customer data. 
  • Data Subject Access Request- Usercentrics allows you to effectively manage Data Subject Access Requests and reduces noncompliance risks. 
  • Analytics and Reporting- With Usercentrics, you can get a detailed analysis of interactions, consents, and use of data processing services on your app or website. 
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Usercentrics Key Facts

  • Usercentrics is trusted by 900,000 websites
  • It is trusted in 180+ countries. 

Usercentrics Pricing

Cookiebot™ is Usercentrics’ solution for small businesses, which is free of cost. It does cookie consent management and helps publishers comply with privacy laws. For larger businesses, there are advanced and premium packages starting at $60 a month for the advanced package. Premium packages have personalized prices. 

Usercentrics FAQ

Explicit, implicit, and opt-out consent can be managed using Uercentrics. Explicit consent is when the user agrees to an activity. Implicit consent is based on user behaviour.Opt-out consent is when the user does not consent to an activity and would like to opt-out of it.

Yes, Usercentrics offers support and training to help you get the most out of their software. They provide articles and tutorials on how to use their features and tools. They also offer email and phone support and onboarding sessions to help you get started. They have a dedicated customer success team to help you with any issues or questions you may have.

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