Programmatic Direct vs Programmatic Guaranteed

Last Updated: March 25, 2023
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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Programmatic Direct makes everything an absolute cakewalk for publishers with the automation of negotiations and sales of the direct-sold inventory. They allow you to negotiate Programmatic Guaranteed, that is, the guaranteed, reserved inventory, and Preferred deal, which is the non-guaranteed, unreserved inventory campaigns in Ad Manager.

They allow you to do the negotiations of the terms of your campaign and mutually agree on details with a buyer within the Ad Manager.  They provide buyers the flexibility to suggest changes during negotiations or accept them. On agreement on the terms by both parties, Ad Manager sets up a campaign for delivery automatically. The overhead of creative management, as buyers host and manage the creatives on their system, is reduced exponentially by Programmatic Direct. Ad Manager tackles all the impressions, billings, and payments to do away with issues in management or discrepancies at all.

Programmatic Direct makes sales simple and minimizes the probability of errors by humans because the complete process runs in one system.

  • Programmatic Direct vs Programmatic Guaranteed
    • Setup: Programmatic Direct v Programmatic Guaranteed

Setup: Programmatic Direct v Programmatic Guaranteed

An Ad Manager needs to do the following to set up a Programmatic Direct-

  • Enable and configure Programmatic Direct
  • Configure inventory types

Once the aforementioned has been done, Programmatic Direct shows features that allow people to conduct sales, so you can-

  • Begin negotiating with buyers and settle on campaign details
  • Draw up a buyer agreement and have the campaign delivered
  • Renegotiate terms of campaigns that have been negotiated.

With a Programmatic Guaranteed deal, you can offer buyers inventory that is reserved or guaranteed at a particular price and negotiate on it. With this kind of deal, there is a direct agreement between buyers and sellers, and you can offer the buyers a standard CPM or cost-per-day sponsorship.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Programmatic direct is direct-sold, guaranteed inventory, unlike PMP. PMP deals don't require human intervention, but Programmatic Deal is a more manual process.

The three kinds of programmatic direct advertising are private auctions, preferred deals, and guaranteed deals.

Programmatic guaranteed uses a Deal ID to sell inventory and then displays ads on the website. But automated guaranteed uses ad server APIs to display ads.

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