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PropellerAds Description

Along with affiliate services, Propellerads also offers display, native, video, and smartphone ads. PropellerAds claims to offer the highest CPM rates in the industry with eight years of experience and having worked with over 150K publishers.

In-house algorithms created by PropellerAds allow for improved user and advertiser matching. PropellerAds serves as both a publisher ad network and a self-serve portal for advertisers to build and design their advertising campaigns.

Publishers may easily write and paste ad codes with PropellerAds, and the software is simple to use. However, the business also offers personal account managers for additional services.

PropellerAds Features and Capabilities

PropellerAds Payment Info

Propellor Ads offers a variety of payment options to publishers which includes Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Wire, and Webmoney Z. They have a minimum payout threshold of 5 USD, except for Payoneer, for which the threshold is 20 USD and Wire, for which the threshold is 550 USD. It operates on a net 7-day payment cycle.

PropellerAds Publisher Eligibility

Propellor Ads has no requirements for publishers to meet to use their features. But, publishers cannot have invalid and/or adult content on their site.

PropellerAds Ad Formats

Propellor Ads offers the following ad formats:

PropellerAds Faq