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Noviclick Description

Noviclick is an advertising platform that works with pop and push traffic. It offers monetization solutions for publishers and helps the publishers increase their earning potential as a publisher with their streamlined performance platform. Noviclick is dedicated to helping publishers achieve their full potential and provides personalized expert support and an easy-to-use platform that maximizes performance and helps publishers reach their marketing goals and earn more. 

Noviclick Features and Capabilities

Noviclick offers various features and capabilities that draw publishers to it. These are:

  • Monetize any traffic: Allows you to monetize any type of traffic and has smart, direct link and offer-to-traffic matching tools that make it easy for mobile app developers and messenger group owners to monetize their products
  • Ad formats: Offers a variety of ad formats, including smart direct-link, popunder, and in-page push ads
  • High CPMs: Offers very high CPMs to all publishers

Noviclick Payment Info

Noviclick offers various payout methods for publishers to receive their earnings. Publishers can choose from four different options, including Capitalist, Wire, PayPal, and Paxum.

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Noviclick Key Facts

Noviclick offers innovative tracking technology and a focus on transparency and integrity, Noviclick is the perfect partner for publishers looking to succeed and thrive in this competitive industry. It offers various non-intrusive ad formats that are designed to help you monetize your traffic and increase your earnings without negatively impacting your users’ experience.

Noviclick Ad Formats

Noviclick offers several innovative ad formats for maximum impact and unparalleled performance:

  • Push 
  • In-page push
  • Direct link
  • Popunder