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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Noviclick's marketing solutions help you effectively connect with your target audience with pop and push traffic. They offer monetization solutions to publishers through high CPM rates, authentic traffic and multiple payout options. Noviclick is committed to help publishers realize their full potential via high-quality ad formats to ensure a better user experience and higher engagement. They offers personalized support along with a user-friendly interface to increase your revenue through high conversion rates.

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Noviclick Features and Capabilities

Noviclick offers the following features:

  • Monetize Any Traffic: Allows publishers to monetize any type of traffic and has smart, direct link and offer-to-traffic matching tools that make it easy for mobile app developers and messenger group owners to monetize their products
  • Multiple Ad Formats: They offer a variety of non-intrusive ad formats, including smart direct-link, popunder, and in-page push ads
  • High CPMs: Offers very high CPMs to all publishers
  • Plug-ins and Extensions: Comes with a variety of plugins and extensions via Novibuilder, to power your campaigns.
  • SEO Tools: To drive organic traffic and improve your website's ranking.

Noviclick Payment Info

Noviclick offers various payout methods for publishers to receive their earnings. Publishers can choose from four different options, including Capitalist, Wire, PayPal, and Paxum. The minimum payout for publishers is USD 50 and they pay on a Net-30 day cycle.

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Noviclick Key Facts

  • Noviclick offers innovative tracking technology and a focus on transparency and integrity.
  • They has high CPM rates, authentic traffic and multiple payout options.
  • They offer various non-intrusive ad formats that are designed to help you monetize your traffic and increase your earnings without negatively impacting your users’ experience.

Noviclick Site Type Monetized

Whether you have a News, Marketing, SEO blog, URL shortening or File converting service, Noviclick can help you monetize your traffic. Their partnership with social and affiliate marketers will allow you to earn from your social media followers on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Their smart direct link and offer-to-traffic matching tools make it easy for mobile app developers and messenger group owners to monetize their products.

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Noviclick Ad Formats

Noviclick offers several innovative ad formats for maximum impact and unparalleled performance:

  • Push Ads: Helps engage up with users without interrupting user experience.
  • In-Page Push Ads: It appears as a notification in the corner of the screen.
  • Direct Link: It matches your offer to your traffic for maximum conversion.
  • Popunder: It appears in a new browser window behind the current one, capturing user attention.

Noviclick FAQ

You can share your conversion data with Noviclick through post back and enjoy better insight and easier campaign optimisation.

Their state of the art fraud filter automatically rejects bots, click farms, malware and low quality traffic from your campaigns.

Noviclick’s support is available daily through email and Skype for questions and advice.

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