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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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AdSupply is the ad network of choice for publishers looking to better monetize their site traffic. Their innovative ad platform generates more revenue for publishers by creating additional ad inventory and increasing the value of each visitor.
They have invested millions in developing the next generation of display advertising solutions to safely maximize CPM per page. Their patented high-impact ad server was built with you and your audience in mind.

Quick Facts
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AdSupply Products

AdSuppy is a trusted provider of impactful publisher solutions and has made a major impact by paying out over USD 50 million in incremental ad revenue. Some of its products are:

  • Advanced ad serving that has zero impact on site performance and delivers 10-15% more volume for high-impact formats.
  • Intelligent ads that are displayed when the user is most receptive to advertiser messages.
  • BlockIQ integration to engage ad blocking visitors with your own message and bypass ad block to deliver display formats that pay higher than other ad block monetization partners.

AdSupply Features and Capabilities

AdSupply offers various features to help publishers monetize their inventory. These are:

  • Direct advertisers: Directly source advertisers to make sure publishers are only one step away from their money.
  • High fill rate: Offers 100% fill for multiple ad formats on all devices, in every country, and even for ad-blocking users.
  • Recover lost adblock revenue: Helps engage ad-blocking visitors with your own message and bypass ad block to deliver display formats that pay higher than other ad-block monetization partners.
  • Cross platforms: Helps defeat ad blocking on desktop, mobile and tablet and gain access to AdSupply’s global demand.

AdSupply Payment Info

If the Publisher’s compensation amount is less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) for any given month, AdSupply holds payment until the total compensation due to the Publisher is greater than Fifty Dollars ($50.00). They pay the Publisher’s share of Net Billings, within fifteen (15) or thirty (30) days of the end of the month in which advertising revenue is received by the Company from the Advertisers.

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AdSupply Key Facts

AdSupply is a patented ad platform with custom formats to help publishers make a big impact on the bottom line by displacing current revenue streams. It directly sources demand and offers a strong advertiser platform, and its ImpressionDNA decision engine means that they pay CPMs consistently higher than other ad providers. AdSupply is the #21 comScore ad network and a trusted provider of impactful publisher solutions. 

AdSupply Publisher Eligibility

The Publisher has to ensure the quality of inventory that is allocated for sale. This may include adding and/or removing ad code tags and ad unit sizes with prior approval of the Publisher. 

AdSupply Ad Formats

AdSupply offers high-impact ad formats that can help get the most out of each impression. These are:

  • Standard banner
  • Interstitial
  • Overlay
  • Content blocker

AdSupply FAQ

Yes. They report traffic to the Publisher in a manner and on a schedule determined by them.

AdSupply offers various payment models like Revenue Share, Flat CPM, Flat Monthly, Floor CPM and such.

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