HilltopAds Review: A Competitive CPM Ad Network for Publishers

Last Updated: April 4, 2024
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Advertising Disclosure

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Whether you use two or more ad networks to facilitate effective monetization or are in search of the ideal one that will simplify the task of leveraging your content, weaving through mountains of information is always a challenge. A good ad network aggregates supply and demand in ways that not only sustain advertisers but equally enhance liquidity and revenue for publishers. Additionally, they provide high-quality ads, and on-time payments, and align with your audience demographics and interests through diverse ad formats.
Today we review HilltopAds, whose comprehensive solutions optimizes revenue for publishers across a wide range of verticals with competitive CPM rates. Let’s delve into an in-depth evaluation of the platform’s strengths and potential, to explore what it can do, what makes it unique, and our reasons for recommending it.

  • HilltopAds Review: A Competitive CPM Ad Network for Publishers
    • 1. What is HilltopAds?
    • 2. HilltopAds Ad Formats
    • 3. HilltopAds Features & Capabilities
    • 4. How to Get Started: Signup Process
    • 5. HilltopAds Dashboard Overview
    • 6. HilltopAds Publisher Eligibility
    • 7. HilltopAds CPM Rates
    • 8. HilltopAds Payment & Payout Info
    • 9. HilltopAds Revenue Share
    • 10. HilltopAds Top GEOs Served
    • 11. HilltopAds Customer Support
    • 12. The Bottom Line

What is HilltopAds?

HilltopAds is a UK-based advertising network that was launched in 2013. Having steadily established itself as a reliable name in the industry, the network’s suite of solutions have evolved to offer publishers a winning combination of top-performing ad formats, anti-adblock solutions, weekly payments and flexible withdrawal options to maximize revenue while connecting with the best advertisers, globally. Offering competitive CPM rates, the platform serves all niches, with their most popular verticals being video hosting, downloads, entertainment, file hosting, sports, socials, games and dating. Leveraging over a decade of industry experience, HilltopAds helps publishers maximize the potential of their traffic, gain valuable insights into campaign performance, as well as optimize their strategies effectively. 

In this HilltopAds review, we will conduct an in-depth exploration of the network, to see what it can do, what makes it different, its features and capabilities, and our reasons for recommending it.

HilltopAds Review: Ad Formats

HilltopAds offers a wide range of attractive ad formats to engage your target audience:

  • Pop Ads: CPM-based pop ads represent a form of advertising that opens in a new tab behind the current browser window. These ads are known for their ability to achieve higher conversion rates compared to other ad formats.
  • In-Page Ads: CPM or CPC-based, In-Page is an ad format that is fully responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile. It looks like a push notification on a website when a user visits it. The desktop and mobile size is: 192x192.
  • Video Ads: CPM or CPC-based, HilltopAds’ video ads are strategically placed before the main video content, leveraging the immersive combination of sight, sound, and motion, to engage your target audience effectively.
  • Banner Ads: CPM or CPC-based, banner ads are one of the most attractive ad formats, proven to perform exceptionally well on all types of sites. The desktop and mobile size is: 300x250.

HilltopAds Review: Features & Capabilities

Let's look at features next in this HilltopAds review: 

  • Anti-AdBlock Solution: The network’s anti-adblocking solution enables you to bypass ad blocking softwares and deliver your ads to viewers even when their Ad-Blocker is active.
  • Minimum Transaction Fees: HilltopAds has minimum payment fees, ensuring that publishers receive their earnings without any huge charges.
  • Weekly Payouts: Payouts are processed with a NET 7 hold policy or upon the publisher's request through popular payment systems such as Paxum, PayPal, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, and USDT.
  • Flexible Revenue Models: Offers a huge variety of CPM offers for your traffic. Publishers can request CPA/CPC offers from their Personal Manager, to leverage different pricing models and diversify income streams.
  • High CPM Rates: The network offers competitive CPM rates, particularly for mobile inventory.
  • Real-Time Bidding: Ensures publishers receive the highest bids for their inventory through a comprehensive set of premium demand sources.

How to Get Started: Signup Process

A step-by-step walk-through (with screenshots) for publishers to sign up to the platform.

  • Signup: Account Setup and Approval: Setting up your account with HilltopAds is easy. All you have to do is fill up the details illustrated in the screenshot below using the signup link here. Start by entering your personal details like email, name, and password.

  • Onboarding and Integration: Once you have logged in, you will be presented with HilltopAds’ dashboard, where you can start adding a website. After your website is approved, click on the “Add Zone” button in the “Manage Site & Zones” section. Select the desired ad format (e.g., Popunder, In-page Push, or VAST/VPAID) and provide a name for the ad zone.
  • Implementing the Ad Code on Your Website: The next step is to implement the Ads.txt file to your website. Select the preferred code, (e.g., Direct URL, Popunder script, or Popunder server-to-server anti-AdBlock) and copy it.
  • Going Live: Testing and Optimization: That’s it. Now you are ready to implement the Ads.txt code on your website, and go live!

HilltopAds Dashboard Overview

At a glance, HilltopAds’ centralized and multilingual dashboard is user-friendly and straightforward-– with account statistics, payment history, sites & zones, and other relevant metrics, within reach. The dashboard typically opens with a comprehensive overview of your active campaigns, to monitor performance, track earnings, reach out to support, etc. Users can also change the language of the dashboard to Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, German, French, Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, and  Vietnamese, which is a helpful feature for non-English users.

Other features include a comprehensive FAQ section where publishers can find all the relevant information to set up their campaigns, withdraw funds, get monetization tips, among other things.

HilltopAds Review: Publisher Eligibility

HilltopAds does not have any specific traffic requirement with respect to the quantity of traffic that publishers need to have to join the platform. They pay per 1,000 impressions. However, publishers do need to have high-quality traffic as a qualifying prerequisite.

HilltopAds CPM Rates

Next up in this HilltopAds review is its CPM rates. CPM, which are based on Cost Per Thousand impressions, are influenced by various factors such as ad format, audience demographics, and industry niche. HilltopAds offers competitive CPM rates within the industry, generally ranging anywhere between USD 3 to USD 5 for Tier 1 countries. Although rates are likely to differ for each publisher based on individual circumstances.

HilltopAds Payment & Payout Info

HilltopAds pays publishers on a NET-7 basis, after reaching the minimum payout threshold of $20, through popular payment systems such as Paxum, PayPal, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, and USDT.

Revenue Share

How does a referral program work? It’s simple – you recommend HilltopAds to other publishers and get rewarded. If a publisher signs up to HilltopAds with your link, you will earn 5%.

The “links & promo” tab is automatically opened when you go to the Referral program page. There you can find your unique referral link, which other users have to use to sign up to HilltopAds and start working.

Top GEOs Served

HilltopAds caters to a global audience, but some of its top-performing GEOs include United States, UK, Denmark, India, China, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Vietnam Philippines and Turkey. It's always a good idea to consult with HilltopAds directly or monitor your campaign performance to determine the best GEOs for your audience.

Customer Support

The HilltopAds customer support team commits itself to prompt resolutions, 24/7, via live chat, Telegram, Skype and email. The response time is fairly quick, and account managers go the extra mile to assist publishers with helpful tips on campaign creation, management, and other suggestions. All in all, the dedicated team offers a comprehensive and positive experience.

The Bottom Line:

This concludes our HilltopAds review. Overall, the platform packs impressive features—. from flexible revenue models, weekly payouts, minimum transaction fees, efficient anti-adblock tech, to supporting a multilingual dashboard. HilltopAds’ suite of solutions make it a great option for publishers aiming to facilitate effective growth and revenue.


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