Monetizemore Review: Maximizing Revenue with the Ultimate Ad-Tech Partner for Publishers

Last Updated: April 2, 2024
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Advertising Disclosure

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MonetizeMore is a rapidly expanding ad tech company that has established itself as one of the industry leaders in ad revenue optimization. PubGuru, their award-winning programmatic ads management platform for publishers offers a range of tools and solutions to maximize revenue from digital advertising. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Monetizemore’s objective is to help publishers extract the highest possible value from their online content and advertising inventory. While ad revenue is the final goal, they also work on improving your website from different aspects including ad server, SEO, content quality, and more.

  • Monetizemore Review: Maximizing Revenue with the Ultimate Ad-Tech Partner for Publishers
    • 1. What is Monetizemore?
    • 2. Monetizemore Ad Formats
    • 3. Monetizemore Features
    • 4. Monetizemore Publisher Eligibility
    • 5. How to Get Started with Monetizemore: Signup and Onboarding Process
    • 6. Dashboard Overview: Explore Monetizemore Platform
    • 7. Monetizemore RPM Uplift for Implementation
    • 8. Monetizemore Payment and Payout Info
    • 9. Monetizemore Revenue Share
    • 10. Monetizemore Case Studies
    • 11. Monetizemore Customer Support Information
    • 12. Conclusion

What is Monetizemore?

Monetizemore is a leading ad monetization platform for digital publishers seeking to unlock their website's revenue potential. Boasting a global team of 220 experts spanning North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, Monetizemore has earned the trust of over 1000 publishers in 40 countries. Since its inception in 2010, Monetizemore has achieved remarkable growth, surpassing $83 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). This success is fuelled by a suite of cutting-edge solutions tailored to optimize ad revenue. Monetizemore's offerings include AI-powered header bidding, advanced invalid traffic protection, and unified reporting, empowering publishers to streamline ad operations and drive long-term revenue growth. Committed to transparency, ad inventory ownership, and performance. Monetizemore ensures that publishers have the tools and support needed to thrive in today's competitive digital landscape. They potentially increase the revenue by up to 200% with their premium plan and up to 300% with their Enterprise plan. Partner with Monetizemore and transform your web monetization strategy to realize unparalleled success.

Monetizemore Review: Ad Formats

Let’s look at Monetizemore's wide-ranging ad formats:

  • Playable Ads: Engage users with interactive ad experiences that allow them to try out your app's features before installing it. These ads can significantly increase user engagement and drive higher conversion rates.
  • Static Banner: These are traditional banner ads that remain static and do not change their content or appearance. They are displayed in fixed positions within the app's interface and can be an effective way to deliver visual messages to users.
  • Interstitial Ads: Full-screen ads that cover the entire app interface and are displayed at natural transition points, such as between levels of a game or when switching between app screens. They are highly visible and can grab users' attention effectively.
  • Native Ads: These ads blend in seamlessly with the app's content and design, making them less intrusive and more engaging for users. They match the look and feel of the app, providing a more natural and enjoyable user experience.
  • Rewarded Video Ads: Users are incentivized to watch these full-screen video ads by offering rewards, such as in-app currency, extra lives, or other bonuses. This ad format can drive higher engagement and retention rates, as users are more willing to interact with ads that offer tangible benefits.

Monetizemore Features

Monetizemore platform offers multiple features, here are the key features:

  • AI-powered Header Bidding Wrapper: PubGuru, Monetizemore's ultimate Header Bidding Wrapper, helps you win the highest bid without compromising user experience.
  • Access to Premium Ad Networks: Monetizemore provides access to exclusive ad networks, offering the best revenue shares and payment terms
  • Award-Winning Invalid Traffic Protection: Traffic Cop, a 2-time Google Innovation Award winner, uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to suppress invalid traffic, preventing revenue clawbacks and Google account bans.
  • Customized Ad Ops: Monetizemore offers exclusive tweaks for your ad account to maximize ad revenue, supported by a team of industry experts.
    Optimal ADX Pricing Floor: PubGuru's AI-powered pricing floor mechanism ensures you never miss an opportunity to set the highest pricing floor possible.
  • Unified Reporting: With access to 50+ advertising partners, you can compare partner performance across key ad operations metrics.
    PubGuru Ad Inspector: Quickly analyze any website's advertising setup and diagnose page load issues across ad partners, ad servers, and header bidding adapters.
  • Traffic Cop: This award-winning technology measures and blocks invalid traffic, preventing ad setup policy violations.
  • PubGuru Web App: Take your ad optimization to the next level with full ad inventory ownership and transparency, along with unified ad network reporting and smart notifications.

Monetizemore's innovative solutions and expert support can help you maximize your ad revenue and achieve your business goals.

Monetizemore Publisher Eligibility

Monetizemore , a leading ad tech company, requires website owners to be at least 18 years old and generate a minimum of $1,000 in monthly ad revenue. They emphasize content quality and originality, welcoming diverse websites with high-quality design. Publishers need a minimum of 500,000 monthly impressions and undergo manual approval. MonetizeMore ensures compliance with Google policies and evaluates traffic quality to run Google demand safely.

How to Get Started with Monetizemore: Signup and Onboarding Process

  • Signup Account Setup and Approval: Account Setup and Approval: Setting up your account with Monetizemore is a straightforward process that begins with filling out your details on their website using the signup link provided. After reviewing your website, the Monetizemore team will assess its eligibility for monetization across their demand partners. If approved, they will contact you via email to guide you through the necessary steps. This professional approach ensures a smooth onboarding experience, allowing you to maximize your website's revenue potential with Monetizemore.
  • Onboarding and Integration: The integration process is quick. You'll receive a link to enable Monetizemore to manage your ad inventory. Their team will then start the approval process for other SSPs and Google ADX based on your website traffic and audience. You'll also receive the necessary ad codes.
  • Implementing the Ad Code on Your Website: The next step is to implement the Ads.txt file and get the ad codes live. Although it typically requires up to a week to generate sufficient demand, once this is done, the Monetizemore team assists you by connecting you with the most suitable demand sources and optimize your inventory. So, this essentially means that you should wait upto 14 days to see a gradual increase in the CPMs.
  • Going Live: Now you are ready to access the Monetizemore dashboard post-setup to monitor website performance and revenue growth. Gain insights for optimizing monetization and maximizing earnings.

Dashboard Overview: Explore Monetizemore Platform

Monetizemore RPM Uplift for Implementation

MonetizeMore's PubGuru Auto Ads Injection boosts "in-content ad unit" viewability by 45%, increasing session RPM by 40% and overall ad revenue by 38%. This feature strategically injects new ad units into underutilized spaces on the page, maximizing revenue potential without compromising user experience. The platform offers a flexible revenue share model and claims that publishers can earn between $11 to $70+ in RPM. Partnering with MonetizeMore can potentially lead to substantial revenue increases for publishers.

Monetizemore Payment and Payout Info

Monetizemore ensures full transparency and reliability when it comes to publisher payments. Publishers can expect to receive their payments on time every month, regardless of any delays or issues with advertisers. Monetizemore's commitment to building a publisher-first future means prioritizing accurate and timely payments to strengthen partnerships and drive mutual success.

Accessing your payment settings and receiving payouts is seamless with Monetizemore's integration of quick access within the PubGuru platform. Payment details, including invoices and payout receipts, can be easily viewed and managed. With the assurance of quick and efficient payment processing, publishers can focus on optimizing their monetization strategies and maximizing their earnings. Payouts under $100 USD (100 USD is the minimum payment threshold) will roll over to the next payout cycle.

Monetizemore Revenue Share

MonetizeMore, a prominent player in the ad tech industry, has piqued the interest of online publishers seeking to boost their revenue streams. While the platform doesn't publicly disclose its revenue share figures, it negotiates deals with publishers individually. MonetizeMore asserts that many partners have experienced remarkable revenue growth ranging from 50-400% after collaborating with them. MonetizeMore offers a flexible revenue share model and claims that publishers can earn between $11 to $70+ in RPM (revenue per thousand impressions).

Monetizemore Case Studies

GenialCredit, a banking intelligence company specializing in credit offerings, saw a remarkable 328% increase in ad revenue with MonetizeMore. Facing challenges with AdSense, GenialCredit sought a partner to maximize revenue while ensuring user experience. MonetizeMore's expertise in header bidding and UPR targeting helped GenialCredit achieve this balance, resulting in significant revenue growth. By placing the right ads in the right locations, GenialCredit maximized ad revenue without compromising user experience, showcasing the power of strategic ad monetization.

Monetizemore Customer Support Information

MonetizeMore offers publishers 24/7 AdOps Support, ensuring that their ad stack is expertly managed and optimized at all times. With round-the-clock assistance via email and instant technical support through Slack and Skype, publishers can rely on timely and effective solutions. The Ad Tech Engineering Team is also on hand to provide expedited technical support, guaranteeing that any issues are addressed promptly. This comprehensive support system, including regular update calls and a dedicated Slack channel, empowers publishers to maximize their ad revenue while focusing on their core business.


In summary, it is MonetizeMore’s understanding of publisher’s objective alongside its list of state-of-the-art solutions that make it a remarkable ad-tech partner in the industry for publishers to strive to maximize their revenue. MonetizeMore is a program at the service of publishers with the commitment to transparency, advanced technology, and dedication of experts that helps to comprehend all insight and maximum site revenue potential. Publishers can build a realization with MonetizeMore's services well beyond into the next level of success and quality in their online business in the fast-paced digital environment.


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