Kadam Review: Best Audience Monetization Platform for Publishers

Last Updated: March 24, 2024
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Finding a monetization platform that offers offer a combination of advanced targeting capabilities, robust ad inventory management tools, reliable payment systems, and excellent customer support can be tricky. Especially, when you are looking for versatility in ad formats with a diverse audience base. Thanks to Kadam, you’ll never have to jump networks. Here’s a closer look at Kadam as one of the prominent ad networks today, and how it can foster incremental revenue for publishers. Keep scrolling! 

  • Kadam Review: Best Audience Monetization Platform for Publishers
    • 1. What is Kadam?
    • 2. Kadam Ad Formats
    • 3. Kadam Key Features & Capabilities
    • 4. How to Get Started: Signup and Onboarding
    • 5. Dashboard Overview
    • 6. Kadam Publisher Eligibility
    • 7. Kadam CPM Rates
    • 8. Kadam Payment and Payout Info
    • 9. Top Geos Served
    • 10. Customer Support Information
    • 11. The Bottom Line
    • 12. Suggested Reviews of Kadam across the Web

What is Kadam? 

Kadam had a humble beginning in the Eastern Europe region back in 2012. A time when new innovations were gaining ground which made the brand evolve faster. For starters, Kadam was a business solely focussed on native ads. In time, Kadam embraced new tech covering multiple top-performing ad formats like display ads, push ads, and smart pops to cater to varying audience preferences. Equipped with built-in analytics, advanced tracking capabilities, a comprehensive dashboard and anti-fraud solutions, the network empowers publishers with valuable insights into their monetization strategies while ensuring the integrity of their traffic. Currently, the company has 200+ employees spanning seven nations and is a preferred name in the affiliate marketing and publishing industry.

Without further ado, let's dive into a comprehensive assessment of the platform's capabilities and potential in this Kadam review. We'll explore its functionality, performance, unique features, to know what makes it a robust audience monetization platform for publishers.

Kadam Ad Formats 

Key ad formats that Kadam supports include native ads, push-up, ads, on site push ads, smart pops (clickunders), and in-app ads. Together, they account for at least 300 billion impressions every month. Let’s take a closer look at each format. 

  • Native Ads: Native ads are Kadam’s primary offering, generating no less than 14 billion impressions each day. According to recent research, native ads receive 53% more views than their traditional counterparts, resulting in better revenue and audience growth.
  • Push Notifications: Kadam's high-quality non-intrusive push ads are highly clickable, delivering excellent results in almost all verticals!
  • Banner Ads: Downright effective and always in vogue, Kadam's banner ads have been proven to perform exceptionally well on all types of sites. Kadam has a record high of 7 billion ad impressions making it one of the industry's best.
  • On-site and In-app Push Ads: Kadam’s On-Site Push is a variant of the regular push notification. Highest engagement happens when the users are online. Kadam garners more than 2 billion on-site push ad impressions every day. On the other end, in-app push ads, which are exclusive for mobile apps, are are image-based ads. Reportedly, Kadam witnesses over a billion in-app push ad impressions daily.
  • Smart Pops: Ads are good until they interfere with user browsing experience. That’s why you need smart pops. They are discrete and pop right behind a browser window which make way for a less-intrusive experience. Kadam has more than a billion impressions for clickunder on their network.

Kadam Review: Key Features & Capabilities

Let's look at features next as part of the Kadam review: The network offers multiple features. The best part? Besides mainstream, the network also accepts traffic from multiple adult sources. Here are some of its standout features:

  • Premium Ad Quality: At Kadam, every ad undergoes rigorous multi-factor moderation to ensure only appropriate content is displayed, safeguarding the integrity of publishers.
  • Detailed Statistics & Reporting: The dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of key publisher ad metrics, allowing you to analyze your earnings across all necessary parameters.
  • High Buyback Rates: With 80 thousand advertisers fighting for impressions on your website, Kadam provides genuine and consistently high buyback.
  • Multiple Ad Formats: There’s a variety of ad formats to choose from: push (classic and in-page), in-app push, native, display, and clickunder.
  • Converts Well for Several Verticals: The ad network converts well across several verticals, including adult content. Some of its high performing niches are finance, dating, igaming, installs, health, e-commerce and crypto-related businesses.
  • Enhanced Security: They control the latest updates of search engines and ad blockers to provide website security and high revenue.
  • 24/7 Moderator Availability: The network offers round-the-clock 24/7 customer support during and after setup, with virtually little to no wait time.

Kadam Review: How To Get Started: Sign Up And Onboarding 

  • Signup: Account Setup and Approval: Setting up your account with Kadam is easy. All you have to do is fill up the details illustrated in the screenshot below using the signup link here. Start by entering your personal details like email, name, password, currency, and medium of communication preferred.

  • Onboarding and Integration: The integration process is usually swift. Once you have logged in, you will be presented with Kadam’s dashboard, where you can start adding a website. Enter the site name and URL following which you need to give site access to the moderators who can review analytics (Google, Yandex, or LiveInternet) for compliance.
  • Implementing the Ad Code on Your Website: The next step is to implement the Ads.txt file and submit your site for review and approval.
  • Going Live: Testing and Optimization: Now you are ready to go live, monitor performance, and keep optimizing!

Kadam Review: Dashboard Overview

After signing in, you’ll be presented with Kadam’s dashboard where you start navigating. The dashboard typically opens with a comprehensive overview of your active campaigns. It provides essential metrics such as clicks, conversions, and earnings. Publishers can quickly assess the performance of each campaign at a glance.

  • Monitor Ads Performance: Kadam’s commanding analytics platform seamlessly helps you monitor your ad performance. The data provided also allows you to tweak things for easy optimization.
  • Monitor Balance: Keep track your deductions and credits
  • Withdraw Earnings: To withdraw your ad earnings, move to the “Finances”  section that shows your current balance and funds withdrawal option.
  • Access to Support: (helps find answers to common queries using an in-built knowledge base and FAQs). 

Kadam Review: Publisher Eligibility

Kadam follows a stringent policy to mitigate frauds at all levels. Behind all this is a comprehensive moderation team. The following conditions will qualify you as a publisher with Kadam: 

  • Your website is checked for prohibited content that includes BUX and wrapping services, student websites, especially the one that assists in finishing school homeworks, thesis, essays, and any other coursework.
  • Kadam works with high TDL domains. No sub domains are allowed.
  • Adult sites are available for push ads and smart pops (clickunder ads) only.
  • Any site for illegal goods and services (like drugs and prostitution) as per the specific country law are prohibited.  
  • A website must have had a minimum of 500 unique users daily over a 14-day period.

Kadam Review: CPM Rates

Next up in this Kadam review is its CPM rates. CPM, which are based on Cost Per Thousand impressions, are influenced by various factors such as ad format, audience demographics, and industry niche. Kadam offers competitive CPM rates within the industry, generally ranging anywhere between 1$ to 8$, although rates are likely to differ for each publisher based on individual circumstances.

Kadam Review: Payments and Payout Info

Kadam pays on a NET-30 basis, offering various withdrawal options for publishers, though each of them have their own minimums. The lowest is through Paypal for $10. Other payout methods include bank transfer, USDT, Paxum, Capitalist, Webmoney. ACH, or Bitcoin, only after the payment threshold has reached $250.


Top Geos Served 

As a leading ad network, Kadam currently serves 195 countries. 

Customer Support Information 

Often publishers complain about the dearth of support from ad networks. But Kadam’s customer support is a pleasant surprise. For starters, you have a dedicated FAQ section as well as a “Knowledge Base” that is regularly updated. 

Apart from this, you can reach out to Kadam’s customer support team in the following ways:

  • By navigating to the “Support” section on Kadam's official website and clicking “Add Request”.
  • By using the live chat feature on the platform or contacting them via Skype or email [email protected]

Kadam Review: The Bottom Line

This wraps up our detailed Kadam review. Undeniably, Kadam packs a punch as an advertising network platform. From supporting multi-ad formats to an efficient fraud detection system, it’s a great option for publishers and advertisers looking to make an impact. A whopping 300 billion monthly ad impressions makes Kadam an industry leader. Also, the fact that it prioritizes CPA target features is a bonus for affiliates. 

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