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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Trusted by more than 20,000 publishers, Ad.Plus guarantees a 30% increase from day 1. Offering standard formats like display, video, and in-app, while also offering non-standard ad formats for publishers, Ad.Plus's solutions are powered by their own AI technology to boost ad revenue. As a Google MCM Partner, the network brings direct premium demands from top advertisers, optimizing inventory and yield.

Ad.Plus's premium campaigns help you maximize your ad space with competitive CPC and CPM rates, boosting revenue and enhancing customer engagement through their scalable video solutions.

Quick Facts
Quick Setup
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
High CPMs
Multiple Formats
~ $100 Payment Threshold

Ad.Plus Products offers the following products:

  • Digital consultation,
  • Ad Operations, and 
  • Monetization.

Ad.Plus Software Images

Ad.Plus Features and Capabilities

  • Access to AdExchange (AdX) and other premium demands.
  • Premium direct campaigns at the highest CPM.
  • Support for Javascript, VAST/VPAID & IMA tags.
  • Grow revenue and maximize customer engagement using their scalable video solutions. 

Ad.Plus Payment Info

Ad.Plus operates on a net 30-day payment cycle, i.e., you can withdraw the revenue for the month of January at the end of February. However, that is after a couple of transactions. For the new accounts, works on a net 45-day payment cycle. The minimum payment thresholds are USD 100 and USD 200 for PayPal and Wire Transfers, respectively.

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Ad.Plus Key Facts helps boost ad revenue through AI. It offers display and video advertising solutions powered by its AI technology.

Ad.Plus Publisher Eligibility

Ad.Plus has some requirements that publishers have to meet to be able to take advantage of their monetization features. Publishers have to have a minimum of 100,000 page views every month. The content on the publisher’s site must be safe and must have no nudity, sexuality, or adult content. The site must not be blocked by Google AdSense or Google Ad Exchange.

Ad.Plus Ad Formats

Ad.Plus offers the following ad formats:

  • Ad Banners: These are common display ads with images or text.
  • Sticky/Adhesive Bottom Ads: These are ads that stay afloat while users view the content on a webpage.
  • Native Multiplex: These allow you to serve several ads within an ad slot.
  • In-Article Video: These are video ads that are shown in between the content on your site.

Ad.Plus FAQ

The tags are asynchronous, which means that users will be able to load the content of your pages even if they have trouble loading the ads.

No, you can cancel anytime, or you can also choose to work with other providers simultaneously.

Ad.Plus provides you with a reporting dashboard where you can see the detailed stats on both performance and revenue with multiple filters like device types, geos, ad formats, and more.

You can visit their page and provide some basic information like monthly website traffic, the top three geos, and the units you are interested in, and if you are eligible, they will contact you.

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