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AdBulter Description

AdButler is an internet advertising platform for publishers and marketers. It facilitates direct ad sales by publishers (instead of through ad networks), which yields larger profits. Its fully automated ordering system makes it simple for advertisers to purchase advertisements. Additionally, it offers supply-side programmatic capabilities that enable the purchase and sale of programmatic advertisements. Utilizing supply-side programmatic to create an intuitive platform, it addresses the issue of ad tech fragmentation.

It is a self-serve marketplace where marketers can purchase advertisements, and publishers can sell ads directly. Utilizing supply-side programmatic to create an intuitive platform, it addresses the issue of ad tech fragmentation. AdButler automates the purchasing and selling of programmatic media, assisting publishers in selling more advertising and locating purchasers for their inventory.

AdBulter Features and Capabilities

AdBulter Payment Info

There are four options for publisher payout: None, Rates (Custom), Revenue Share (Total), and Revenue Share (Custom).

  1. None - no default payout is set.
  2. Rates (Custom) - payout is determined by Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), and the Cost Per Action (CPA) metrics tracked by the system. For example, a CPM rate of $5.00 means that for every 1000 ad requests, a value of $5.00 would be added to the revenue of the assignment.
  3. Revenue Share (Total) - payout is determined by the percentage that will apply to the advertiser rate(s) set in the assignment. For example, a revenue share (total) rate of 12% means that if the advertiser rate was $1000, the publisher payout would be $120.
  4. Revenue Share (Custom) - payout is determined by specific revenue share percentages for CPM, CPC, and CPA, similar to how specific rates could be set with Rates (Custom).

AdBulter Ad Formats

AdButler offers a variety of ad format templates. You can combine templates with customization options to create limitless possibilities. Some of these are:

In-Feed Native Ads: These are native ads that are placed between the content on a page and match the form of the content.

Parallax Ads: These ads have an illusion of 3-dimensional depth, displaying differently when scrolling up and down. 

Interstitial Ads: These are full-screen ads that cover the interface of the host app.

Sponsored Link Ads: These ads are shown on the search engine result page after a user looks up certain keywords.

AdBulter Faq

AdButler has taken several measures to: 1. Actively detect and block known bad actors/ sources with known poor reputations 2. Prevent request flooding and ignoring duplicate clicks 3. Evaluate all click for data tampering and ensure that the stale clicks are not counter 4. Prevent publicly identifiable bot traffic as well as evaluate/block undisclosed bot traffic.

AdButler has a CDN that can host copies of ad creatives (the images and videos used in ads) to ensure that they will always load and do so quickly. You can take advantage of their CDN by uploading your ad creatives to your Media Library.

There are times when you want to use the same zone multiple times on the same page. In such a setup, you can enable Unique Delivery to make sure that an ad shows up only once on the page.