Best CBD Affiliate Networks and Programs

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical generally found in cannabis and has various medical benefits including relief from pain, reduction of anxiety and depression and more. It is one of the most famous affiliate marketing niches available. Reports predict that the global CBD market will be worth more than USD 13 billion by 2028 with an annual growth of over 21%. The CBD affiliate networks can be a gold mine for all the publishers as if they offer various opportunities for monetization.

By active promotion of CBD products using the best CBD affiliate networks, affiliate can earn high revenues. Some or the benefits of CBD Affiliate Networks are:

  • If your audience is naturally interested in products containing CBD, there is a highly chance that the Affiliate Network will help you earn a solid income.
  • Most Affiliate Networks also offer various programs to teach you and train you to better your skills.

ShareASale is an affiliate network marketing located in Chicago, IL, USA. ShareASale provides services to the affiliate and the merchant. Affiliates utilize ShareASale to search for promoting products and earn commissions for referrals on those products.

How to find the best CBD Affiliate Networks?

  • Commission Rates: It is necessary to consider the CBD commission rates as it confirms the revenue share you shall get. The commission rates can vary drastically between 5% to 50%.
  • Reputation and support: Make sure to take all the time to research and find the best network and find out that the network is reliable and trustworthy. It is necessary to find if the support that is provided is good and dedicated. 

    If you are a publisher, CBD affiliate program is an excellent waay for you to make more income. The CBD market is huge and booming and will get you impeccable benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary con is that the laws on cannabis are constantly changing, which is confusing for both the affiliates and the buyers. It is also problematic because you cannot advertise CBD on the most popular platforms like Facebook and Google.

The primary benefit of it is that if offers high commission rate and a possibility to make excellent passive income.