Best OGAds Alternatives to Lock Mobile Content

Is the object of adding ads making money? Are your ads making you money? If not, you have to try content locking networks now. It is an excellent way to make more for your high-quality content. It requires users to complete some kind of action before gaining access to the content and publishers have complete liberty to customize it according to their preferences. 

OGAds is one of the best mobile and desktop content locking networks and provides one of the best mobile content lockers in the market. It brings you exclusive CPA and weekly burst campaigns. It is also the go-to tool for social media publishers and helps you promote on Instagram, Vine, Twitter or other social media platforms. 

Why should you consider OGAds alternatives? 

OGAds is known to be one of the best mobile and desktop content locking networks there is. But it comes with its share of issues like:

  • There are several users who have complained of their application process and that it usually gets rejected
  • Some of the users that they bring scan your audience and require them to put in their card details, which turns them away
  • A lot of social media platforms have banned OGAds links. 

Having been established in 2014, OGAds is an excellent CPA website that pays you to promote offers, content lockers, and more. But considering other alternatives might be helpful to you.

Are you interested in using CPI offers to monetize your app? Mobile app developers and affiliate marketers may use CPAlead's marketplace to identify CPI sources, initiate CPI campaigns, and get daily payments. CPALead pays publishers every 24 hours and provide leading offer walls that can automatically detect visitor's location and device to display the best performing offers available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

OGAds helps you learn from the most successful publishers and with their Learn platform, you can learn about anything from technical web knowledge, to incredibly creative methods go generation of more traffic.

Yes. You can contact an affiliate manager and get assistance to move your traffic to OGAds.