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Audienceplay Description

AudiencePlay monetizes your data effortlessly. It empowers app and website owners to monetize data safely and securely and generate alternate revenue streams. It helps you monetize every footprint of your user data securely. It offers exponential revenue growth, unlike fixed revenue, by placing ads alone on your website/app.

AudiencePlay offers automatic cross-device linkages that open up monetization opportunities across channels. It offers an on-premise deployment option to manage your data assets. All you have to do is create your free account, build audience data segments and start generating alternate revenue.

Audienceplay Features and Capabilities

Audienceplay Payment Info

Publisher's earnings become payable when the aggregate of unpaid earnings exceeds USD 100. When your Earnings exceed the Threshold, you can request payment by submitting an invoice to them for the amount of the unpaid Earnings. If they receive your Invoice on or before the 7th of the month, they will pay the Invoice on or before the 15th of the same month. If they receive an Invoice after the 7th of the month, it will be paid in the next month.





Audienceplay Key Facts

Audienceplay Revenue Share

Audienceplay retains as a service fee any Markup, plus fifty percent (50%) of all other revenue they generate from your Audience Data through the Service. The remaining revenue they generate from your Audience Data through the Service, that is, your earnings will be calculated monthly in arrears and posted on your Dashboard within 75 days of the end of the relevant calendar month.

Audienceplay Faq

Audienceplay is suitable for startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises.

Audienceplay offers support via email, phone, and live support.


The best features of Audienceplay are: data management, data mapping, customer segmentation, data integration, and data collection.