Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site. is a cookie management solution that provides a range of tools to help website owners and publishers stay compliant with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. The platform offers various features to manage user consent and data. This helps build trust with audiences and avoid heavy privacy fines. Products

  • Consent Management- The platform helps you manage user consent. 
  • Data subjects' requests- You can manage users' data subject requests with
  • Policies & other legal documents- allows you to make policies and other legal documents. Software Images Features and Capabilities

  • Continuous website scanning-'s privacy widget can identify and classify new scripts and cookies as they appear.
  • Privacy widget- You can establish trust and transparency with your customers by allowing them to manage their consent preferences, view updated company policies and submit subject requests - all within ONE interface.
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  • Companies like Jockey have worked with
  • Clym's features include continuous website scanning, a privacy widget for managing consent preferences, geofencing for location-specific settings, insights and reporting, support for managing embedded content like videos and forms, and localization in over 30 languages.
  • Clym's privacy widget allows customers to manage their consent preferences, view updated policies, and submit data subject requests, all within one interface.
  • Clym provides real-time compliance by identifying and classifying new scripts and cookies as they appear on a website or app.
  • Clym is dedicated to helping businesses build trust and transparency with their customers through compliant data privacy practices. Pricing's pricing plan depends on your number of page views. It provides different plans for businesses of different sizes, with features such as cookie consent management, policy management, and data subject request management. The basic plan is for small to medium-sized companies with up to 500k page views per month, while the growth plan is suitable for companies with complex compliance needs, up to 2 million page views per month. The enterprise plan is a custom plan for larger organizations with dedicated support, API integration, high traffic, dedicated instance, multiple domains, and bulk onboarding. All plans include support via chat, email, and knowledge base, as well as weekly office hours and useful features such as ready compliance, real-time compliance, quick onboarding, audit-ready, and geo-location. FAQ

Yes, Clym helps publishers stay compliant with CCPA, which is a law governing the data of Californian citizens.

Yes, Clym helps publishers stay compliant with GDPR, which is a law governing the data of European nationals. Alternatives